Aaron Burriss




Youtube is a social platform where one may showcase their skills and originality. For more than eight years, Aaron Burriss has been producing content for YouTube, turning it into a full-time job.

In less than two years, he amassed 100k subscribers. He is passionate about making videos. The young person’s personal life is filled with interesting information. For some insider details, scroll down.

How was the early years of Aaron Burriss?

On February 4, Aaron Burriss celebrates his birthday. He was born in the Philippines in the 1980s. Aaron recently had his 32nd birthday. Upon turning one, his family relocated to America. During his formative years, his parents frequently relocated. They eventually made their way to North Carolina from Lexington, Kentucky. His family is made up of six people.

Aaron Burriss with his brother Alex.

He has three siblings as well. Alex and Andrew Burriss are his brothers. Likewise, Mariah is the name of his sister. The internet sensation Aaron is an American citizen of Filipino descent. Aaron is an Aquarius who was born in February.

How much is the net worth of Aaron Burriss?

Aaron’s main source of income is YouTube. He has a decent life, I think. His estimated net worth is $3 million. Furthermore, Aaron earns about $3000 USD per day.

Where did Aaron Burriss receiver her education?

In terms of education, Aaron Burriss graduated from the University of North Carolina. He was not a student when he was younger. In contrast, he excelled in sports. He attended a private institution. The YouTuber struggled to make friends in the early years because his family was always relocating.

He was taunted by his pals for his short size due to his obesity and short stature. He was also picked up because of his weight. So he started concentrating on his schoolwork in order to avoid bullying.

He also underwent a considerable physique shift while in high school. His journey to losing weight was impressive. He began to appear svelte and intelligent. He also didn’t have many buddies. Even some of his YouTube videos featured some of them.

How did Aaron Burriss begin her career?

In 2013, Aaron began his YouTube career. “How to take care of your dog” was the title of his very first video. Aaron described himself as a sluggish child. For his YouTube channel, he and his brother created “Lazyron Studio.”

In his videos, Aaron discusses practical jokes, challenges, and some skits. He has an interest in vlogging as well. He was able to get more than 100k subscribers in around two years. Since then, Aaron has proven to be unstoppable.

Aaron Burriss in his Instagram.

The most popular videos of his are “he only has two years to live” and “Ice Cold Condom Challenge Joke.” The majority of his viewers, nevertheless, adore the films he makes in partnership with his brother’s channel.

He has roughly 1.48 million subscribers as of right now. The YouTuber also appeared in a few “YouTube Series.” “Prom Night,” “Where is My Romeo?” and “The Commute” are a few of his works.


How is the individual life of Aaron Burriss?

The appealing YouTuber claims to be currently single. Veronica Merrell is his closest buddy. There is talk that Veronica and Aaron are dating. No confession, though, has been made. They seem to enjoy their lives. The Merrell sisters are Veronica and Venessa. Additionally, they both appeared in one of Aaron’s videos.

Aaron once had a committed relationship with Kimmy Dufresne. The pair fell apart, however, as a result of various disputes. He quickly began dating Sarah Wolfgang, a member of the K-pop trio.

Sadly, their relationship did not work out either. The YouTube star has a close relationship with both his parents and siblings. Guppy is the name of his dog. They appear to be incredibly close to one another.

Is Aaron Burriss a social media user?

Aaron, a young celebrity, is quite active on social media. He has more than 633k followers on Instagram in addition to YouTube. He routinely sends pictures to his family and girlfriend. Additionally, Aaron has cute dogs. He can be seen chasing his dogs around.

Aaron Burriss with best friend and dog

On Twitter, he currently has over 200k followers. In spite of this, the YouTuber has more than 62k Facebook fans.

What is the height and weight of Aaron Burriss?

Aaron Burriss stands 6 feet 4 inches tall. He weighs about 86 kilograms. He also has naturally black hair and a set of bright brown eyes. His personality is engaging. His bodily measurements are unknown, though.