Alx James

One of the most influential Vine creators was Alx James. He migrated to YouTube and amassed a sizable following after Vine refused to financially support its creators. He currently has his own clothing line called Waterbug and is well-known on TikTok and Twitter.

Recall Vine? This social networking tool gave creators a 6-second stage to showcase their skills for three years. It was an outburst of hilarity, seriousness, oddity, and humor.

How was the early years of Alx James?

The fifth of March 1995 saw the birth of Alx James. He was raised in Wilson, North Carolina, where he was born. Two further children, Adam and Dana, were born to parents Carlton Draughan and Sandra Ddaughan.

Alx with his family

His early life is largely unknown. However, it is clear from watching his films that he grew up in a religious family. He has stated that he is a devoted Christian in several of his YouTube videos.

Likewise, little is known about his educational history. Alx, however, has acknowledged that he was chosen for the Junior Olympic volleyball team. But he choose to pursue a career in entertainment instead.


As was already noted, Alx James enjoyed enormous popularity as a Vine creator. Alx made the decision to join YouTube during the final days of Vine, when there was a breach between the creators and the management.

His popularity spread to YouTube as well. He has 903k subscribers right now. Additionally, he frequently uploads videos, including reaction videos and vlogs.

He has recently become embroiled in a dispute with Gabby Hanna, another YouTuber. Gabby and Alx were coworkers before Curtis, Gabby’s unscrupulous lover, soured things up between them a year ago.

His parody of Fifth Harmony’s song “Worth It” went viral and received a lot of social media attention in 2015. His “Sheedra” collection of quick sketches is also well-liked.

Idol in America

Alx also made two consecutive auditions for the well-known TV reality program American Idol. He was chosen for the Hollywood round both times. Unfortunately, he became ill and was unable to continue to participate.

Alx transferred his Vine fame into TikTok

On being gay and Christian

Alx James is a devoted Christian, as was already indicated. But in 2015, he came out and revealed his sexual orientation in a video. The heartbreaking video has received more than a million views and is almost 14 minutes long.

According to the video, he was prevented from coming out earlier by his beliefs and religion because it was viewed as a sin. He also talked about how his sexuality had strained his connection with his family. “I haven’t expressed my love for my parents to them. The social media sensation, who was struggling to fight back tears, admitted that she hadn’t spoken to her siblings properly.

What is the relationship status of bAlx James?

Alx acknowledged that he has actually dated many men in a video that was uploaded to his YouTube channel. However, he never made them known to the world because “It wasn’t worth it.” Then he introduced his brand-new partner on his YouTube channel.

His past relationships include two eminent individuals. The first man was in a band, and he and Alx became pretty good friends. However, it found out that the man was already married, thus Alx parted ways.

Then Alx met Justin Edwards Hugh, another well-known figure on social media. Before recently ending their relationship, they dated for a few years. Alx claimed in a video uploaded on YouTube that he had always had a sense of separation from Justin. Alx is not currently dating anyone.


on social media

Alx has just about a million subscribers on YouTube. AlxJames is the name of his channel. He has a verified profile and 773k followers on Instagram, where he is also highly active.

Alx is also verified on Twitter, where he tweets frequently about his merchandise and engages with fans as @AlxJames10. Additionally, he is frank with his fans about his sexuality.

Did Alx James get cosmetic procedures?

Alx clarified the claims about him having undergone surgery in a nine-minute video that he published on his YouTube account six years ago. He was very clear that he had never undergone any sort of plastic surgery. To date, about 400k people have watched the video.

How much is the net worth of Alx James?

Alx wasn’t very wealthy despite his considerable popularity and enormous fan base. The only financial benefit he received from Vine was from brand endorsements.

Facebook and Instagram

In addition to paying its producers, YouTube also benefits from a sizable fan base. Alx is getting close to one million subscribers, and his fan engagement is high. He probably earns roughly $ 40,000 a year from his social media accounts.


“Waterbugs” is the name of another brand of items by Alx James. He affectionately refers to his followers as “waterbugs.” T-shirts, caps, mugs, and hoodies can be purchased from $8 to $30 on his website. From all the advertisements and social media, his net worth is thought to be approximately $200,000.

Alx has a merchandise lineup named Waterbug