Archie Panjabi

Who is Archie Panjabi?

Archie Panjabi of The Good Wife has been married to Rajesh Nihalani for nearly two decades. The actress has a low-key personal life and rarely opens up about her love life in the mainstream media.

She has a good career aside from her long-lasting marriage, but she was once involved in a controversy because of her strange relationship with her co-star.

Archie Panjabi’s Relationship With Her Husband Rajesh Nihalani: How Is It Going?

Archie Panjabi, a British actress, has been married to her longtime partner Rajesh Nihalani for a long period. Panjabi and Nihalani married in 1998 and have been blissfully married ever since. Archie and her husband Rajes have not revealed when or how their love story began. However, according to reliable sources, the pair dated for a long before committing.

Panjabi’s marriage to Nihalani is an arranged one because she hails from an Indian household. She chose to follow Indian customs and values for her wedding, and it appears she made the correct decision, as the pair is enjoying a happy marriage. Her moral principles, in addition to the fact that she and her partner are commits to one another, are another reason for their long-term connection.

The actress, on the other hand, likes to keep her personal life private. She hardly ever discusses her love life. According to sources, the couple does not have any children at this time. For some reason, the couple is devoting time to raising a child.

There are no further stories about Panjabi’s past affairs because she lives a secluded life. Looking at her marriage over the last two decades, it appears that she is a one-woman woman who was fortunate enough to find her match in her husband.

The controversy surrounding Archie Panjabi

If you’re a fan of the political drama television series The Good Wife and its star Archie Panjabi, you’ve probably heard about the star’s recent controversy.

Panjabi played Kalinda Sharma, a private detective in the series. Sharma had an affair with Julianna Margulies’ character, Alicia Florrick’s husband. Sharma and Florrick, who were formerly best friends, had bad blood and rarely spoke to one another after the incident.

Everyone started wondering about the bad blood between the two starring ladies even off-screen as the feud between them escalated. When it was reported that Panjabi would be leaving the program after the sixth season, the two actresses’ friendship became clear.

Fans thought that it was all due to tensions between the Panjabi and the Margulies after hearing the news. The producers, on the other hand, disputed the notion and stated that it was the original premise, not the actresses’ connection, that was at issue.

Panjabi and Margulies came across in the sixth season finale to say their goodbyes. However, a source claims that the scene is on green screen with body doubles.

Panjabi hinted at the ‘not so good environment on the set’ after leaving the show. Aside from that, she was suspicious of her departure, yet she twitted,

According to the tweet, she was in New York City when the show’s last sequence was shot. Margulies stated in an interview that Punjabi was out of the city filming the sequence, so she Tweeted to clarify.

Quick Facts about Archie Panjabi

She was born in Edgware, London, England, on May 31, 1972.
Govind Panjabi and Padma Panjabi are her parents. Her parents and siblings were born in India and moved to the United States.
Gemini is her zodiac sign.
She is 5 feet 3 inches tall (1.6 m).
She earned a bachelor’s degree in business studies from Brunel University in 1996.
The actress is most recognized for her role in The Good Wife, a legal and political drama series.
Her net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars.

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