Birgit Wetzinger

Who is Birgit Wetzinger?

Birgit Wetzinger is a celebrity wife best known as Niki Lauda’s second wife, who died at the age of 70. Birgit supported her husband during his illness by donating a life-saving organ. She is also a flight attendant for Austrian Airlines.

When and where was Birgit Wetzinger born?

Birgit Wetzinger was born in Vienna, Austria, on March 4th, 1979. Her zodiac sign is Pisces, and she is 42 years old. She has a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Management. There is no information known regarding her family history. She is also of indigenous Austrian ethnicity.

Niki also has two sons from a previous marriage

Even though they were 30 years apart in age, the pair began dating in 2004. Unfortunately, Nikki died of an organ failure just before their one-year anniversary. In September 2009, the couple gave birth to two gorgeous twins, a boy and a girl. Mia Lauda and Max Lauda are the names given to the twins.

Caption: Airline worker Birgit Wetzinger (Photo: Getty)

Niki also has two sons from a previous marriage and one from an adulterous relationship. Birgit also expressed her devotion for Niki in 2004 by donating her kidney and saved the famed F1 racer’s life. As a result, when Lauda’s kidney donation from his brother failed in 1997, she donated one to him in 2005. The couple’s romance flourished, and three years after the transplant, they married in 2008. Niki Lauda died on May 20, 2019, after a decade of beautiful marriage.

Niki had previously been admitted to the hospital after experiencing some major health concerns and difficulty breathing while on vacation with his wife and kids. According to the article, he also had a severe lung infection and underwent a lung transplant.

How much is Wetzinger’s height?

Birgit stands at a height of 5’6′′. She is a 60-kilogram woman. Likewise, she is 34 inches tall, 28 inches wide, and wears a US size 6 shoe. Similarly, she also has a bra size of 33B. Her brown hair is sleek and straight, and her eyes are hazel. Her personality is lovely and endearing.

What is Birgit’s net-worth?

Her net worth is $3 million. Furthermore, because her husband, Niki, has a net worth of $200 million, she may be entitled to a portion of his fortune, perhaps boosting her own.

About the career path of Birgit Wetzinger

Before marrying Niki Lauda, she worked for the airline firm ‘Lauda Airlines.’
As a result, Birgit is the recently dead Formula One racer Niki Lauda’s widow. Niki was a three-time Formula One champion and a great sports legend.

After retiring from racing in 1985, he pursued his dream of founding Lauda Air, his own airline. As a result, Niki met Birgit for the first time while working as a flight attendant for his airline.

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