Bob Proctor

Quick Facts

Full Name:Bob Proctor
Age:88 years old
Birthday:July 5, 1934
Birthplace:Guelph, Canada
Wife:Linda Proctor
Net Worth:$25 million
Height:5 ft 8 In

Bob Proctor, a wonderful author and motivational speaker who has self-published multiple books, is mentioned in The Secret. In addition, he enjoys traveling and discovering how different cultures use the law to their advantage.

How old is Bob Proctor?

Bob Proctor was born in the great Canadian province of Ontario on July 5, 1934, and as of 2022, he will be 88 years old.

Caption: Bob Proctor ( Photo: The Focus)

Before dropping out of high school, he completed the ninth grade. Bob started working at low-paying jobs in businesses and now makes just a few thousand dollars a year. When he began reading Napoleon Hills’ motivational works, it was a turning point in his life since it allowed him to change his viewpoint.

Body Measurement

He stands 1.8 meters tall and weighs 72 kilos. Bob Proctor entered the profession at a young age and quickly picked up the idea of quick wealth acquisition. He invested just a few thousand dollars to start his career, and today he makes millions of dollars per year by purely utilizing his abilities.

How much money is Bob Proctor worth?

The well-known American novelist Bob Proctor has an estimated net worth of $25 million as of July 2022. He is one of those people who has achieved success solely through his own self-work, love, and perseverance. Bob began with $1,000 and has since amassed a fortune that is now worth billions of dollars every year.

Caption: Bob Proctor with his Wife ( Photo: The Sun)

Because of how difficult his path has been, Proctor is in that circumstance. But he continued to be motivated by reading books and applying various ideas to his daily life. He is the author of a number of useful books that are rich in his own insights.

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Job History of Bob Proctor

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  • After several years of working for another company, Bob created his own company to oversee floor cleaning at several corporate buildings in London, Chicago, Toronto, Cleveland, and Boston.
  • Bob was hired by Earl Nightingale to be the department’s vice president of sales in 1961.
  • He started his own network after working there and now gives personal development seminars all throughout the country.
  • Proctor began his his career with the 2006 film The Secret, which served as his acting debut.
  • Additionally, he receives offers to contribute to TV shows like Larry King’s Life and Ellen.
  • He and Gallagher founded their own institute after spending more than 40 years working in the personality development sector.
  • Proctor has written numerous novels during his life and has writing experience. In 1997, Bob published his first book, “You Were Born Rich.” He has created a superb platform for himself and has observed everyone’s behavior in order to gain experience.
  • Following that, he wrote his book, which is chock-full of details concerning accounts. The book “Contact Capital! How to Turn Contacts into Cashflow” was published in 2008. As they love reading novels, the book will be about their personal lives.
  • Bob published “The ABCs of Success” in 2015. Since this book offers a range of principles that were drawn from the lives of many people, many readers have expressed interest in it.
  • His most recent book, “The Mindset of a Millionaire,” was just released, and it has all the information that might help people become self-motivated.