Charlie Frattini

Quick Facts:

Full NameCharlie Frattini
Date of Birth1961/8/2
Birth CountryUnited states
Sexual OrientationStraight

Charlie Frattini has spent 31 years working in the construction sector and is a survivalist. Charlie participated in the building projects for the A&E television program Sell This House: Extreme. He co-hosts the FYI TV program Hero House and previously appeared on Naked and Afraid.

Before he was a TV celebrity, Charlie served in the Marine Corps. He was an infantryman and intelligence expert who got two commendable promotions before being discharged with the rank of STANO Platoon Sgt. He gained survival skills when he was a Marine.

How was the early years of Charlie Frattini?

Charlie Frattini was born in the year 1961 in the USA. The actual date of his birth is unknown, hence his zodiac sign is being investigated. He joined the Marine Corps at Parris Island since he was a Marine by birth.

On Twitter, he announced that he had two birthdays: one on August 2 and the other on November 10. He emphasizes how much more crucial his birthday, which he celebrates with his fellow Marines on November 10, is to him.

Charlie experienced a lot of bullying as a child, and on his way home from school, he was even assaulted on the train. However, these experiences helped him develop, and he made a pledge to himself that he would never again allow anything similar to occur in his life.

Charlie Frattini as marine Source; Instagram @chasFrattini

His national identification is as an American citizen. He hasn’t mentioned his religious convictions just yet. He belongs to the white ethnicity.

Where did Charlie received his education?

Charlie is an intelligent guy. Regarding his elementary schooling, he has not provided any information. It must have been taught to him in a nearby school in his hometown. Charlie attended Brooklyn Technical High School, where he graduated with an engineering degree. After that, he left the renowned Polytechnic Institute.

After that, Charlie enlisted in the Marines and was sent to Parris Island, South Carolina. He was trained as a jungle specialist and was the first in his class to complete boot camp. Charlie’s experience in the Marines, where he learned to protect himself and manage his anxiety, changed the way he thought.

Charlie considered pursuing his schooling while working as a freelance construction worker after he returned home to New York from the Marines. He dropped out once again, however, which inspired him to set bigger life objectives.

How is the physical appearance of Charlie ?

Charlie is an extremely attractive man. For his age, he is strong and fit. He is tall and has kept his weight in the ideal range. Frattini has a fit physique since he was formerly a marine. He has black hair, and it’s unknown what shade of eyes he has.

Additionally, there are no precise measurements available for his height, weight, dress size, or shoe size. His tattoos, which he displays at this age and has on both arms, are what make him stand out. The tattoo features a heart that transforms into a lion.

Who are the family of Frattini?

When discussing Charlie’s family, we also discuss his parents. His parent’s information has not been made public. Their identity is still concealed. It is known, nonetheless, that his father was a sailor. Charlie values his relationship with his parents and sees his father as a hero.

On the other hand, Charlie was reared in Brooklyn, New York, by his camera-shy but undeniably beautiful mother.

Is Charlie married?

Charlie is wed, that much is true. He has not, however, made his wife’s information public. When it comes to his family, the former marine veteran is said to be a very private person. He has been wed to his wife for almost 30 years.

The couple is contentedly cohabitating. They are not mentioned in any headlines that refer to relationship conflicts. The couple’s two boys, who are now all grown men, were born.

Does Charlie has offsprings?

Charlie loves his family. He and his wife, with whom he has been married for more than three decades, have two kids, Charles and Marc Frattini. Charlie taught his children, Marc Frattini and Charles Frattini, how to survive in the case of a societal-altering catastrophe after facing many difficulties throughout life.

Charlie Frattini with his two sons Charles Frattini and Marc Frattini Source: marrieddivorce

Now that they are now grown men, both of his boys have made the decision to carve out their own niches in life. His eldest child, Charles, was chosen to represent the United States in the 2013 Asian Lacrosse Championship in Beijing, China. His youngest son Marc came back to Los Angeles to help him on set.

How did Charlie Frattini began his career?

Charlie Frattini is an intelligent and gifted individual. He graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School with an engineering degree. After quitting the polytechnic, he joined the marines. He spent many years as a marine. Frattini put forth a lot of effort and successfully performed his assignments throughout his time as a marine.

He had a position as a TV program presenter after leaving the Marines. During his maritime training in Thailand and Panama, he earned the title of “Jungle Expert.” He was given the assignment to complete 21 days on Amazon to test this expertise.

Charlie served as a featured construction worker for the projects on A&E’s Sell This House: Extreme. He co-hosts the FYI TV program Hero House and previously appeared on Naked and Afraid.

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Did Charlie portrayed in Naked and Afriad?

American viewers may watch the reality series Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel. Two survivors, a man and a woman, are given the task of surviving for 21 days in the woods, and each episode follows their life.

Each survivor is allowed to bring one helpful item. This is season 12 of the program. The struggle for survival begins when partners meet in their underwear and peel off.

Is Charlie on social media?

Charlie uses social media often. He has profiles on popular social media sites including Twitter and Instagram. He connects with people through using his social media platforms.

His Instagram handle is @chasfrattini, and he has more than 2,000 followers there. Through this narrative, he reveals a moment from his personal and professional life. In a similar vein, he tweets facts and ideas through his @chasFrattini Twitter account. On Twitter, he has more than 1,000 followers.

What is the Net Worth of Charlie Frattini?

A $1.1 million USD estimate for Charlie Frattini’s net worth has been made. This covers his pay, assets, and possessions. Through his struggles and commitment to his job, Charlie has amassed this enormous amount of cash.

Charlie Frattini getting ready for Amazon Source: Instagram @chasFrattini

His work as a TV program host is one of his main sources of income. He is also a builder. Due to the short timetable of the concerts, Charlie and a small group of other contractors completed three months’ worth of demolition, construction, and repairs in little more than five days.

He served in the US Marine Corps as well. From it, he has made a significant sum of money. The annual compensation for a US marine is $48,500 on average. Thus, the TV star is believed to be living an opulent and luxurious existence.