Clemens Rehbein

Singers and musicians are told to be one of history’s most influential people. From Micheal Jackson to Kanye West, everyone committed to their music and got love back from fans. Similarly, today we will be talking about the famous Dutch vocalist and guitarist, Clemens Rehbein. He is known for being the band member and co-founder of Milky Chance, a folk band from Germany, formed in 2012. Clemens Rehbein is known for his amazing vocal abilities. He has shown his vocal power in his different shows and tours.

Some of the popular Milky Chance tracks include Stolen dance which was released in 2013. Even though the song was technically their first release, it did well on global charts. Stolen dance soon became their very first hit song in 2013. The group then went to release a debut album named Sadnescesssary in 2013. The album received a lot of support from the fans. Sadnescessary was soon placed as one of the top 15 tracks of 2013. Being blessed with huge fans, Clemens has worked very hard to succeed. So, let us know a little bit about Clemens Rehbein as a part of his biography!

What is Clemens Rehbein Age?

Clemens Rehbein age is around 30 years old as of 2022. His date of birth is November 12, 1992, in Kassel, Germany. Since he was born in Germany, his nationality is German, and his ethnicity is Dutch. He was born to a Dutch family. However, the 30-year-old singer has not shared details about his parents and siblings. He seems to be more of a private person, and we all should respect his privacy.

Clemens Rehbein Playing guitar in one of his shows Via Instagram

Where did Clemens get his education?

Since he was born in Kassel, Germany, he got his primary and secondary education from nearby schools. We are saying this because we don’t have enough facts about his education. He has also kept his academic details very private.

Furthermore, he became involved in music from the age of 23. So, if we feel as if he must have completed any degree under the supervision of music teachers and professors. However, Clemens has mentioned to the media that he has completed his bachelor’s. But has not mentioned in which degree.

How did Clemens start his acting career?

He has done only one movie till his lifespan. Since Clemens is more of a music person, the movie he was featured in was Centre of my world, released in 2016. Other than films, his known for his songwriting and vocal skills. Most of his popular work resides in his band Milky Chance. He has rightfully worked for almost all of their tracks. His work can also be in The voice tv show. He is seen creating a soundtrack with is guitar and various instruments in the 2015 episode of The Voice. He created his soundtrack from his band Stolen Dance.

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Other than being a musician and successful singer. Clemens is living a regular life like us. Even though he has not shared any personal details, the media often sees him crossing streets and going into grocery shops. His work on music is also very rare, suggesting that he is focusing on something more important. Is it a movie?, Is it a collab? Well, we guess we all have to wait and see what’s next. It is always inspiring when an artist releases something new for his fans.

Clemens Rehbein in Milkey chance ad Via Instagram

Is Clemens Rehbein married?

As of 2022, he doesn’t have a wife and is still single. Moreover, he denies all the claims of being the father of any daughter or son. He is currently single and working hard on his music.

What is Clemens Instagram?

He uses Instagram with the username @clemens.rehbein. He often posts photos with is guitar and his friends singing songs. Clemens often keeps on updating about himself to his fans through his social accounts.

Clemens Rehbein Red curtain interview Via Instagram

What Is Clemens Rehbein Net Worth?

As of 2022, his net worth is around $5 million. He earns his wealth with different royalty streams for his songs, and he also works as a songwriter. Being a famous musician and songwriter, he earned a handsome amount of money along with his popularity.

How tall is Clemens Rehbein?

Clemens Rehbein is around 5 feet and 6 inches tall with around 62 kg. He has dark long shading hair with black eyes. Moreover, his zodaic sign is Scorpio.