Daniel Humm

Quick Facts:

Full NameDaniel Humm
Date of Birth1976/9/21
Birth CountrySwitzerland
Birth PlaceStrengelbach, Switzerland
Sexual OrientationStraight

On September 21, 1976, Daniel Humm was born in Strengelbach, Switzerland. He has had Swiss citizenship for a long time. His zodiac sign at birth is Virgo, according to astrology. Humm has a deep religious commitment to Christianity and is of French ancestry like Norman.

Daniel is well-known for owning the three Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park and Nomad restaurants in New York City. He is also a Swiss chef. He is also referred to as Daniel by his nickname. Daniel has been putting an emphasis on employing simple, pure, and seasonal flavors using locally sourced foods.

How is physical qualities of Daniel Humm?

Daniel Humm has a great physique. He maintains a great physical structure by regularly exercising, such as going to the gym, practicing yoga, running, and many other activities. Even he continues to post videos of himself working out on social media. His hair is brown, and he has dark brown eyes. Despite having wrinkles, he still has a nice face.

A portrait photo of famous chef Daniel Humm.Source: Us Weekly

Daniel’s height is 5 feet 8 inches, or 173 cm, yet he doesn’t seem much taller than that. His weight, which shoots his body exactly at 65 kg (143.5 lbs) thanks to his upkeep of his physical appearance. Humm has tiny lips and a nose with a sharp tip.

Where did Daniel received his education?

Daniel Humm, a well-known Swiss chief, had a good education close to his village and had parental support for his studies. Since he stopped attending school as a youngster, Humm has been quite active and diligent. including the three-year culinary apprenticeship programme at Baur au Lag that had dropouts.

At the age of 14, he quits school and begins working in a kitchen to pursue his ambition of becoming a chef. Humm There isn’t any information regarding his graduation from the school where he received his chef certification since it can be private. With the facts he has revealed, it is unknown how he obtained his chef certification.

Who are family of Humm?

A Swiss chef spent his early years growing up with his family and sister. His parents and sister were able to provide him with a lot of love and support. Although he hasn’t disclosed his parents’ names on any social media platforms, his father is a professional architect, and his mother taught him how to be tidy.

He used to watch his mother cook when he was a kid. Humm has been able to advance in his job as a chief with the help of his parents. Humm has never even alluded to his siblings on a social media platform before.

What is Daniel Humm relationship status?

Swiss chef Daniel Humm tied a tight knot with Geneen Wright. He and his wife have a healthy relationship. Since they want to keep their wedding date private, there is no information available. Three kids were born to the couple. Vivenne Humm, Colette Humm, and Justine Humm are the names of their offspring. Despite having a happy life with their kids, the couple later discovers that they are not connected. They were cut off as a result.

A portrait photo of famous chef Daniel Humm with his wife Geneen Wright. Source: Instagram

According to a story from March 2022, Daniel is now dating an actress. Actress Demi Morre and filmmaker Demi Morre are allegedly dating, according to certain reports. Demii divorced her ex-husband after learning that he had a cognitive disorder and began dating Daniel. Daniel and Demi were seen spending time together. During Paris Fashion Week, they were sitting together in the front row of a fashion show. They were introduced via shared acquaintances, and they subsequently started dating. Additionally, according to some publications, the pair had been to Los Angeles as well as other locations together. In June 2022, Demii revealed they were dating in an Instagram post.

How did Daniel Humm began his Career?

At the age of 14, Daniel Humm began working in the kitchen. Even at several hotels and eateries, he worked. Daniel received his first Michelin star at the age of 24. Daniel immigrated to the country in 2003, after which he was hired as the executive chef at Campton Place in San Francisco. Later, he relocated to New York, where he opened his restaurant, Eleven Madison Park Restaurant, in 2012. Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group sold this restaurant to Daniel and his business partner Will Guidara. He also inaugurated the highly praised Nomad the following year.

He is also a co-owner of Make It Nice Group together with Will Guidara. At the Claridge’s hotel in London, Daniel also owns the fast-casual eateries Made Nice and Davies and Brook. Later, once the Claridge’s turned down his request for a vegan menu, he departed. Michael has also appeared in a number of films, including Michelin Stars: Tales from the Kitchen, and on the television program Chef’s Table. The epidemic occurred when Mr. Humm was earning a respectable living and gaining notoriety from this. Hum was initially uncertain about Eleven Madison’s viability, but in 2021 he praised the restaurant for having a 100% vegan menu and being the first establishment with three Michelin stars to provide plant-based cuisine.

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A portrait photo of famous chef Daniel Humm. A portrait photo of famous chef Daniel Humm. Source: Instagram

What are awards received by Daniel?

He has been nominated for several honors and has won them, including the James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Chef 2012 and the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef: NYC in 2005 and 2010, respectively. Additionally, in 2015, the San Francisco Chronicle gave him four stars. Eleven Madison Park topped the San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2017 and several other lists as well.

Is Daniel Humm on social media?

Daniel Hum is a somewhat active user of social media. He managed to find some time despite his demanding schedule as a professional chef to participate on social media. Mr. Daniel set up profiles on many websites, including Facebook and Instagram. Humm has a sizable fan and following base on social media.

Approximately 630k people follow Daniel Humm on Instagram, while 81k people follow him on Facebook. On his social media accounts, Humm continues to post pictures and videos of the meals he has designed and cooked with his culinary master. You may follow the well-known chef on his social media accounts to learn more about him. Humm continues to cling onto his Facebook account as well as his Instagram account under the identity Daniel Humm.

What is Daniel Humm Net Worth?

One of the most well-known Swiss chefs and restaurant owners in New York City is Daniel Humm. He is earning a respectable income and leading a lavish lifestyle. In his profession as a chef, he has been successful in getting positive outcomes. With his substantial wealth, he now owns a number of restaurants throughout the globe, including those in London.

On any open websites, Daniel Humm has not disclosed any financial details. With his anticipated profit included, Daniel’s net worth is around $15million. His revenue comes from the Eleven Madison Park restaurant, which is well-known globally. His salary covers the whole of his comfortable and opulent lifestyle.