Ektor Rivera

Quick Facts

Birth DateFebruary 11,1980
Full NameHéctor Ramón Rivera Alicea
Birth NameHéctor Ramón Rivera Alicea
ProfessionActor, Singer and Visual Artist
NationalityPuerto Rican
Birth CityBayamón
Birth CountryPuerto Rico
Father NameHéctor Rivera Sr
Father ProfessionAdjunct Professor
Mother NameIris Alicea
Mother ProfessionGenealogist
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseYara Lasanta
No Of Children1
Height182 cm
Weight80 kg
Networth$2 million
EducationSchool of Plastic Arts and Design of Puerto Rico
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Twitter LinkTwitter Link
Insta LinkInsta Link

A Puerto Rican actor named Ektor Rivera shot to fame after taking the lead vocal roles on live productions like USA TV and Q’Viva.

He was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, on February 11, 1980. Rivera is a citizen of Puerto Rico, and Aquarius is his zoadic sign. It is Héctor Ramón Rivera Alicea that he goes by.

In addition, singer and visual artist Rivera is known for his role in the movie Sugar Plum Twist.

What is the academic qualification of Ektor Rivera?

In terms of his education, Rivera completed high school in Bayamon. The name of the institution is still a mystery. He attended the School of Plastic Arts and Design of Puerto Rico to continue his education after graduating from high school.

Rivera also received a Bachelor’s degree in Image and Digital Design after graduating. In addition, he has a degree from UCLA’s intensive English program.

Who are the parents of Ektor Rivera?

The gorgeous and wonderful parents of The Last Tour actor Rivera live in Puerto Rico. Iris Alicea, his mother, studied genealogy.

Picture of Ektor Rivera’s father Hector Rivera Sr and his daughter Bria Yaré (Image Source: Instagram @ektorrivera )

Héctor Rivera Sr., Rivera’s father, served as an adjunct professor at Palm Beach State College. He sadly passed away on April 9, 2019, at the age of 85.

Who is the wife of Ektor Rivera?

Ektor Rivera wed Yara Lasanta, a Puerto Rican meteorologist and former winner of beauty pageants. In Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, they exchanged vows in front of their family and close friends.

Picture of Ektor Rivera and Yara Lasanta during their wedding ceremony (Image Source: @yaralasanta)

In 2010, the stunning couple Rivera and Lasanta began dating. On December 8, 2013, they made the decision to wed after three years of dating.

Social media also allows us to witness the amazing couple’s love and unity. Rivera posted a photo of the two of them kissing on their eighth wedding anniversary, showing his affection for her.

How many children does Ektor Rivera have?

Along with enjoying married life, the lovely couple Rivera and Lasanta are also enjoying wonderful lives as parents. On December 1, 2020, they gave birth to Bria Yaré, their first child. Through Instagram, they announced this information.

Rivera also posted images of their child with the caption:

My girl was born! And it was like seeing the face of God himself. 🙏💕 To you friends, who, with your daily blessings, thank you! Bría was born on the first of December 2020. 

Picture of Ektor Rivera, Yara Lasanta and their child Bria Yaré (Image Source: Instagram @ektorrivera )

Social media allows us to see the romantic couple’s love and affection for their daughter Yare. They have shared numerous images of Yare since her birth, particularly those of Lasanta.

How much is the net worth of Ektor Rivera?

If you’re wondering how much money Ektor Rivera is worth, we can tell you that he’s a millionaire with a net worth of $2 million, just like Cristian Marcus Miniz. He makes money from his careers in singing and acting.

Screenshot of Ektor Rivera and his car. Image Source: Instagram @ektorrivera

Along with that, Rivera also makes money by dancing and selling paintings. As a result, he has added some additional cash to his net worth.

Moreover, Rivera is the owner of a stunning, lovely car whose make and model are still unknown. His Instagram reels revealed that he frequently drives his black car for his travels.


Rivera Is Also A Good Artist

Painting is Ektor Rivera’s passion, and he even views himself as an artist (painter). We can view his paintings on Instagram and Twitter, which cover a variety of subjects.

Rivera has even claimed in the past that he finds it simple to express himself through the arts, so he turns words into pictures. @jomarjos and @elnuevodia have interviewed him due to his artistic excellence.

Social Media

Ektor Rivera shares his photos frequently on social media and is very active there. He doesn’t just share his own photos; we can also view photos of his family.

The username of Rivera’s Instagram account, @ektorrivera, has more than 53.5K followers, while the username of his Twitter account, @EktorRivera, has more than 12.5K followers. In October 2009, he signed up for Twitter.

Along with this, Rivera also utilizes the name Ektor Rivera on Facebook. He has more than 13.6K Facebook fans.

Rivera Helped TV Program To Get Emmy Award

A TV show called Scientific Adventure was hosted by Rivera, a visual artist akin to Jean Paul Egred, for the SITV channel. The environment was the subject of the program. He co-hosted that program with news anchor Marjorie Ramrez in the past.

The TV show won an Emmy Award for best environmental program in 2015 as a result of their excellent presentation. The program received the “Environmental Excellency Award” from the Environmental Protection Agency as well.

What is the height and weight of Ektor Rivera?

Actor Ektor Rivera from Sugar Plum Twist has a good appearance and is frequently pictured working out. He is a good height, measuring 182 cm (6 feet).

80 kg is a respectable weight for a man Rivera’s height. He also has gorgeous black eyes that go well with his black hair.

Movies and Albums by Rivera

In front of the audience, Rivera is well-known for his acting and singing abilities. He has starred in numerous films throughout his fruitful career and released an album that is well-liked by the Puerto Rican public.

Rivera’s debut album, Un Paso del Amor (One Step of Love), was released on August 23, 2005. I’m going to love you, In the meantime, and Is love are three of the ten songs on this album.

Regarding Rivera’s filmography, he has roles in a number of well-known productions, including Sugar Plum Twist, The Last Tour, and The Shallows. He gained notoriety thanks to the albums and films.

Raised Voice For The Freedom

In addition to being an actor and singer, Ektor Rivera is a patriotic individual who once spoke out against humiliation and stood up for equality and sovereignty. Rivera demanded assistance and freedom while accusing the USA of discrimination.

He even said that it wasn’t honorable or healthy for the citizens’ spirits to be afraid to speak out against the president’s humiliation. He even accused the United States of discrimination and pleaded for assistance and freedom.