Gabriella Pizzolo

Quick Facts:

Full NameGabriella Pizzolo
Date of Birth2003/3/10
Birth CountryAmerica
Birth PlaceSchenectady, New York
Mother NameNatalie

American actress Gabriella Pizzolo is known for her versatility. She became well-known as a result of her involvement with the popular science fiction and horror series Stranger Things. In the series, she has portrayed Suzie. The actress has also participated in a variety of other projects, including Fun Home (2013) and Matilda the Musical (2013). (2015).

American actress Gabriella Pizzolo is known for her versatility. She became well-known as a result of her involvement with the popular science fiction and horror series Stranger Things. In the series, she has portrayed Suzie. The actress has also participated in a variety of other projects, including Fun Home (2013) and Matilda the Musical (2013). (2015).

Gabriella is a vocalist in addition to being an actor. She is renowned for performing Sunday in the Park with George in concert at the New York City Center.

How was Gabriella Pizzolo early years?

Gabriella Pizzolo was born on March 10, 2003. She was born in the American city of Schenectady, New York. Like other famous people, the actress has kept the most of her early years private. It is known that she was exposed to theater at a young age, which prepared the way for her to pursue a career as an actress.

Gabriella Pizzolo as a child Source: Instagram @gabriellapizzolo

She identifies as a citizen of the United States. Regarding her religious affiliations, the actress has not yet made them public. She is a member of the Caucasian ethnicity. Modern astrologers claim that Gabriella was born under the Pisces zodiac sign.

Where did Gabriella received her education?

Gabriella is a knowledgeable individual. She has information through her education and life experience. Pizzolo was exposed to theater when she was quite little. She chose to live this life rather attending a formal education.

Because her mother was a teacher, she received an education while growing up in Matilda. The actor hasn’t provided any additional details regarding her education background. She does have talent, though.

How is Gabriella physical appearance?

Gabriella is a stunning young lady. Any guy would be fooled by her. The actress, who is of Caucasian descent, has characteristics and features common to other ethnic groups. She is admired for having brown hair and brown eyes. She has kept her weight in check and has taken good care of her body.

Gabriella Pizzolo in blue jeans playing in a tree Source: Instagram @gabriellapizzolo

The actress is tall, standing at 5 feet, 5 inches (163 cm). She is of typical body type. Along with her dress and shoe sizes, her physical characteristics are kept a secret. There are no known tattoos or body piercings on Gabriella.

Who are Pizzolo family?

The daughter of Natalie, a teacher, Gabriella was born. She has kept his father’s identity a secret. At home, the actress was educated by her mother.

She has not disclosed anything further regarding her family history. It can be noted, however, that her family gave her the required love, care, and support. They raised her well, they did.

Who are sibling of Pizzolo?

Gillian Pizzolo, Gabriella’s younger sister, is a nurse. Together, they had a happy upbringing and raised each other. According to her age, she is most likely enrolled in some sort of educational institution. The actress has not made many disclosures regarding her sibling.

They are close and have had many special moments.

Is Pizzolo in a relationship?

Gabriella Pizzolo is most likely not in a relationship right now and is instead concentrating on her job. She is having fun being a teenager. She might, however, have concealed their relationship and kept it a secret from the public.

The majority of fans are curious about the romantic relationships of their favorite stars. Sadly, she has not provided any other information. The actress does not appear to have been romantically involved with anyone, despite her tight relationship with her co-star.

Despite the fact that she appears to be unmarried right now, she might soon meet her true love. She is also straight in terms of sexual orientation.

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How did Gabriella Pizzolo began her career?

Gabriella Pizzolo is a young woman with a lot of talent. She started acting when she was still very young. The actor from “Stranger Things” was introduced to theater, and she fell in love with it right away. This made it possible for her to become an actress.

Gabriella made her Broadway debut as Matilda in Matilda the Musical. Before that, she had been in a few shows in her hometown. By 2015, the actress had been to some of the most famous events, like the Alabama Shakespeare Festival and the Ralph Lauren Fashion Show.

In March 2015, Pizzolo was hired to be the back-up for Small Alison, Christian, and John in the Fun Home musical. She also found out about the auditions for the Michelle King show and sent in an application before she first appeared on American TV.

She did a good job in this comedy show, which led to her getting a part in the TV movie “Beaches.” In 2018, the kids’ show “Butterbean’s Café” gave her the chance to voice the animated Cricket. But playing Suzie in “Stranger Things” was the most important role she had. Her number of fans grew because of this performance. Pizzolo has now been invited to many events, such as Comicon, Planet Comicon, and others.

In addition to acting, she is also a singer. She has done a concert of Sunday in the Park with George at the New York City Center.

What is Gabriella Pizzolo Net Worth?

As of 2022, Gabriella Pizzolo’s net worth is predicted to be $1.5 million. This covers her earnings, assets, and property. She worked hard and dedicatedly throughout her professional career to amass this enormous money.

Her work in the entertainment industry is her main source of income. Nevertheless, the actress has not disclosed her income. She has made a substantial amount of money playing in and producing popular television shows and films like Matilda the Musical, Fun Home, and Stranger Things, among many others.

Therefore, it can be claimed that Gabriella and her family are living a happy and comfortable life in New York’s Upstate.

Was Suzie played by Gabriella in Strange Things?

Gabriella is well-known for playing Suzie Bingham in the acclaimed American television series Stranger Things. She is a more nerdy character that enjoys science, technology, and reading fantasy books.

Gabriella Pizzolo in Stranger Things Source: Instagram @gabriellapizzolo

Suzie is probably quiet and secluded because of her devout upbringing and appearance, which contributes to her nerdy character. She is a thoughtful and diligent person. Suzie, who is seeing Dustin, altered Dustin’s grades via a hack into Hawkins’ high school’s computer system.

Is Gabriella Pizzolo on social media?

Gabriella uses social media extensively. She is popular on all of the most popular social media sites, where she also has accounts. This actress uses social media to tell her friends and family where she is and to talk to them.

@gabriellapizzolo is her Instagram handle. She has more than 1 million followers right now. On her Instagram, you can see pictures of her work and personal life that she shares with her friends and family.

In the same way, she uses the Twitter account @Gabriellapizo6 to talk about her work and tell people what she thinks. This account has a little over 78 followers, which is less than other social media sites. She doesn’t seem to spend much time on Facebook.