Graham Outerbridge

Quick Facts?

Full NameGraham Outerbridge
NationalityHong kong
Date of Birth1982/8/10
Birth CountryHong Kong
Birth PlaceHong Kong
Father NameStephen Outerbridge
Mother NameNancy Outerbridge
Sexual Orientationstraight

Graham Outerbridge is a well-known actor from Hong Kong who is most recognized for his roles in The Britishes (2014), Super Single (2018), and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013). In addition to acting, he also produces and directs. After becoming married to Canadian actress Sarah Levy, he gained popularity.

Actor Graham Outerbridge is well-known in Hong Kong and works as an acting coach in Los Angeles, California. He was born in Hong Kong on August 10, 1982. His credits from 2013 include The Britishes (2014), Super Single (2018), and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and he is well known for them.

Leo is his zodiac sign, and he was born under it. Graham is not just an actor, but also a producer. He was born in Hong Kong and is a citizen. After he wed Canadian actress Sarah Levy, he received increased media coverage.

How was Graham Outerbridge early years?

Graham Outerbridge was conceived by Nancy and Stephen Outerbridge, who also nurtured him. His parents appeared to have been born in Bermuda and later immigrated to the US. Graham, an actor, spent a lot of his formative years there. Graham’s early childhood is still a mystery and is not yet understood in full.

How is Outerbridge physical appearance?

Graham, a movie actor, has a really attractive appearance. He’s kept his body in good shape. He stands six feet, one inch tall, which is a tall man. His current weight has not been made public. However, it is apparent from his photo that he has a lean physique. He does not divulge any information regarding his other physical measurements. He has brown hair and eyes.

Is Outsider a law student?

Actor Outerbridge is a law student at Southwestern Law School in Los Angelos by night, according to his Twitter bio. The producer and performer appear to be concerned with legality. He is working on his law doctorate at the Southwest Law Campus.

When it comes to his post-secondary education, he finished high school at Deerfield Academy. He then went to Tuft University to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in political science and drama. Nothing is known about his elementary education. He might have attended the local school for his elementary schooling.

Who are family of Outerbridge ?

Graham was born to Nancy and Stephen Outerbridge in Hong Kong. He has a four-person family. In the latter part of July 1981, his mother and father got married. In 2021, they had their 40th wedding anniversary. His mother Nancy had gone to the University of Colorado Boulder after graduating from Kent Place School. She is a native of Chicago.

Teddy Outerbridge, his brother, was born in December. At the University of Texas, he declared a major in film. Like his brother Graham, he relocated to Los Angeles in order to advance his profession. His Instagram post indicated that he and his aunt Kz are quite close. He keeps bringing her up, especially on her birthday. Hamilton, Bermuda is where Graham’s parents are currently residing.

Is Graham in a Relationship?

Graham, a producer and director, kept his romantic history and romances a secret from Sarah. After dated her for a while, he wed the Schitt’s Creek actress.

Graham Outerbridge and his wife Sarah Levy Source: Fameshala

After being pictured together while on vacation in Bermuda in 2018, the couple for the first time gave rise to romance rumors. After the actress from the 2018 film Larry Crowne posted a picture of them from a Lake Placid event, Sarah and Graham made their Instagram debut.

The couple hasn’t been apart since formally announcing their relationship, and they routinely share heartfelt messages to one another on social media.

How is Graham Marital status going?

Sarah Levy, a Canadian actress, is wed to the Hong Kong actor Graham Outerbridge. On October 16th, 2021, the Schitt’s Creek actress and he exchanged vows. The amorous pair is growing their family by adding a new member.

Sarah published a message on her Instagram account announcing her pregnancy. She uploaded a photo of herself holding her palm over her growing belly.

Who is Sarah Levy?

Sarah, a Canadian actress, is wed to Outerbridge. She hails from an acting and production family. She is the child of famed actor and comedian Eugene Levy of Canada and his wife Deborah Divine. Dan Levy, her brother, is a writer, producer, and performer as well.

She gained notoriety for her portrayal of Twyla Sands in Schitt’s Creek.

Levy’s first acting role was as Larry Crowne. Levy would join the ensemble of Chris Blake’s quarantine comedy Distancing Socially, Variety reported in 2020. The current Capital One Auto advertising campaign for the business’s auto shopping app features Sarah and her father.

How did Graham Outerbridge  began his career?

Actor Graham Outerbridge is talented. He is working toward his goal of being an actor, just like his brother. He might also have plans to enter the legal field once he completes his studies at Southwest Law School.

His performances in films like Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013), super singles (2018), and The Britishes have earned him recognition (2014). In the Best Laid Plans episode of Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Outerbridge played Doyle.

Graham Outerbridge is the agent of Shield’s S5 E9 ‘Best laid Plans’ Source: The Geek Twins

In addition, he co-stars in the movie “Pretty Problems” with Britt Rentschler, Michael Tennant, and other actors.

Is Graham on social media?

Graham Outerbridge enjoys sharing his precious ones with the lovely moments and ideas he has documented. He posts them on his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, among other social media platforms. On social media, Graham appears to be reasonably active. His original Instagram handle is @instagraham sto. On Instagram, he has more than 5,000 followers and 400 posts.

Twitter is also used by law students at Southwestern. His Twitter handle is @outerbridge g. On this social media platform, he has more than a thousand followers.

He also has a Facebook account, but he doesn’t appear to have used it recently. His most recent Facebook post was made in 2019.

What is Graham Outerbridge  Net Worth?

Since net worth is a dynamic and constantly shifting factor, it cannot be precisely determined. Graham Outerbridge’s net worth is therefore thought to be in the neighborhood of $1 million. He has accumulated this wealth via years of adversity and his commitment to his professional career.

He has acted in numerous films and is also a filmmaker. His credits include Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D (2018) and The British (2014). He has not yet received more information regarding his salary or other sources of money.

His wife Sarah Levy, a well-known Canadian actress who also hails from an acting and production dynasty, is thought to have amassed a sizeable fortune. Her enormous net worth is $4 million. She has acted in a number of films, including Schitt’s Creek and Larry Crowne. She makes money through brand endorsements in addition to her acting profession. In the most recent Capital One Auto advertising campaign for the business’s auto shopping app, she and his father Eugene are featured.

How was Graham career as a director and producer?

Along with performing roles, he has directed and produced a number of documentaries and short films during his career. The documentaries and motion pictures that he produced and directed are only vaguely recognized.

Does Graham has a pet?

Graham’s famous husband is well known for enjoying animals. He is an animal lover and has a good heart. He was accompanied by a male pet dog. His proximity to the dog is apparent. Up until the dog’s unexpected death, he spent about three and a half years enjoying great moments with him.

Graham Outerbridge posing with his dog. He took the picture after having it Source: the Instagram account of Graham Outerbridge