Jed Weitzman

Quick Facts

Birth Date1976
Full NameJed Weitzman
Birth NameJed Weitzman
ProfessionCelebrity Son
Birth CityCalifornia
Birth CountryUSA
Father NameHoward Lloyd Weitzman
Mother NameStacey Weitzman
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
SibilingsArmen Weitzman

A famous son is Jed Weitzman. Because of the fame of his parents, he gained notoriety. His late father Howard Lloyd Weitzman was an American entertainment lawyer by trade, and his mother Stacey Weitzman is well-known in the public as an American businesswoman and activist.

In the United States, he was born in the year 1976 in Los Angeles, California. He hasn’t, however, made any public declarations about his precise date of birth.

How was Jed Weitzman early years?

Jed Weitzman was born and brought up by his parents in the United States of America. Due to his established familial background and access to a decent education, he also did not have any hardships in his early years.

What is Weitzman educational background?

Jed hasn’t disclosed anything in the media about his school background, however his deceased father earned a degree from the University of South California.

Jed Weitzman posing with Morrissey for a photoshoot. Source: Morrissey-Solo

The specifics of his majors are yet unknown, but based on the standing and income of his parents, he must have studied at a reputable college or university.

How is Jed Weitzman relationship with his Parents?

Howard Lloyd Weitzman and Stacey Weitzman, who both predeceased him, were the parents of Jed Weitzman. In a private ceremony, his parents renewed vows in front of selected guests in 1969, the year of their wedding. Sadly, they split in 1776 as a result of various marital problems.

In addition, after divorcing his ex-wife Stacey, Jed’s father Howard continued to be married to Margaret Weitzman. Between 1981 and 2021, he remained married. He and his wife had a son named Armen Weitzman.

Weitzman’s mother Stacey Weitzman posing with Henry Winkler for a photoshoot. WeitzmanSource: Celeb Doko IS Jed Weitzman Dating Some

Is Weitzman in a relationship?

Jed is a celebrity child who has maintained a place in the spotlight, yet he is one of those individuals who prefers to keep his status quiet. There is no evidence that the charming Jed is dating or involved in a relationship, but there is also no guarantee that he is.

Additionally, some sources assert that Jed and Amanda Tisch are currently engaged in a marital relationship, but this information may or may not be accurate.

What is Jed Weitzman estimated wealth?

Because he has kept his work and career private from the media, Stacey Weitzman’s son’s exact net worth and salary have not been updated.

Jed Weitzman’s late father Howard Lloyd Weitzman posing for a photoshoot. Source: The Hollywood Reporter

However, according to research from 2022, his late father Howard Lloyd Weitzman, a well-known and renowned American entertainment lawyer, has an estimated net worth of $3.78 million.

Is Jed Weitzman on social media?

He is one of those persons that does not bring up all kinds of stuff in public when talking about his life on social media. The majority of his private life has been kept secret.

Additionally, he has no verified Instagram profiles. There is a account under the handler jedweitzman. Jed has always kept a low profile when it comes to his daily activities.