Jeff Adachi

Quick Facts

Full Name:Jeff Adachi
Age:59 years old
Birthday:August 29, 1959
Birthplace:Sacramento, California
Wife:Mutsuko Adachi
Net Worth:$16 million
Profession:Politician, Director, Producer

Jeff Adachi was San Francisco’s public defender. He directed and produced documentaries like Defender and The Slanted Screen.

What is Jeff Adachi’s age?

He’s American and Virgo. Born in Sacramento, California, on August 29, 1959. Jeff Adachi grew up in Sacramento, California, a developed city. His family raised him. Glayds Adachi was an auto mechanic; Sam Adachi was a lab assistant. Brother Stan Adachi. San Francisco’s politician graduated from C. K. McClatchy. He attends Sacramento City College. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Berkeley in 1981. Adachi earned a law degree from Hastings College in 1985. He avoided casualties during his studies.

Relationship Status

Caption: Jeff Adachi, with his wife Mutsuko Adachi (Photo: Biographics World)

Dates and years of Defender’s director’s marriage to Mutsuko Adachi are unknown. They met at the 1997 Cherry Blossom Queen contest. Only daughter Lauren Adachi.

What is Jeff Adachi’s net worth?

Caption: jeff adachi, Politician, Director, Producer (Photo: Alchetron)

Jeff was a hardworking politician. He started early. Politics and Hollywood are his main income sources.As a politician and actor, he made a lot of money. His death net worth was $16 million.


Caption: jeff adachi , Politician, Director, Producer (Photo: Daily Mail)
  • She was a San Francisco Public Defender for 30 years.
  • IJN 2002, he was featured on a PBS program about the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office.
  • Producer and director of Defender, Presumed Guilty: Tales of the Public Defenders, Free Chol Soo Lee, America Needs a Racial Facial, You Don’t Know Jack: The Jack Soo Story, and The Slanted Screen.
  • In 1998, he published Bar Breaker.
  • Jeff Adachi died suddenly.The Slanted Screen’s director died in San Francisco on February 22 at age 60. Christopher Wirowek died of a heart attack, not a drug or alcohol overdose, according to the San Francisco medical examiner.
  • His breathing problem contributed to his death.

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