Joe Pantoliano

Quick Facts

Full Name:Joe Pantoliano
Age:70 years old
Birthday:September 12, 1951
Birthplace:Hoboken, New Jersey
Wife:Joe Pantoliano
Net Worth:$10 million
Height:5ft 9 In
Profession:American character actor

Joseph Peter Pantoliano was born on September 12, 1951. He’s appeared in 150 movies, TV shows, and plays.

How old is Joe Pantoliano’s ?

Joe was born September 12, 1951, is 70 today, July 9, 2022.¬† Pantoliano has many film and TV credits. Joe Pants was born in Hoboken, New Jersey. Joe is Mary and Dominic’s son.

Caption: Joe Pantoliano ( Photo: Wikipedia)

Cliffside Park was Joe Pantoliano’s high school. His dyslexia caused academic problems. Joe attended HB Studio, where he met Herbert Berghof.

Body Measurement

He is 1.76 meters tall, 74 kg. Joe Pantoliano became famous after Risky Business. Joe became famous in 1999 after playing Cypher in The Matrix and Francis Fratelli in The Goonies.Joe won a Primetime Emmy for The Sopranos’ Ralph Cifaretto. The Matrix made Joe famous.

Who is the spouse of Joe Pantoliano’s ?

Nancy Sheppard is Joe Pantoliano’s wife. Bobby, Michelle, Isabella, Daniella, Marco, Melody. In 1985, he divorced Morgan Kester.

Caption: Joe Pantoliano with his Wife ( Photo: Flickr)

Joe Pants informed NAMI he’s sad for a decade. He did this to help others in similar situations ( stigmas and mental illnesses). No Kidding, Me Too raises mental illness awareness. He raised mental illness awareness through the entertainment business. Joe’s film is about mental illness. The sopranos “hit” Joe Pantoliano. Pantoliano became popular after a Sopranos episode. A wig helped him escape recognition. Joe was hit May 1, 2020. Concussion, chest pains resulted.

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Caption: Joe Pantoliano with his Family ( Photo: NotedNames)
  • By 2022, Joe Peter Pantoliano should have $10 million. Unknown. Invented wealth.
  • The Matrix and Bad Boys II helped boost Joe’s net worth. Since he avoids the media, his net worth is uncertain. His other possessions are unknown.
  • Pantoliano overcome dyslexia to perform. Pantoliano pursued acting despite mental illness and drugs. Inspiring.
  • Author Joe Pantoliano Asylum: Hollywood Tales From My Great Depression, Who’s Sorry Now: The True Story of a Stand-up Guy. Asylum’s sex, food, and alcohol addictions are detailed. Joe composed this after being depressed.
  • Joe is in movies and TV.
  • He also played Captain Conrad Howard in Bad Boys, Bad Boys II, and Bad Boys for Life.
  • Wendy Mass starred Joe Pantoliano as Oswald Oswald (2012).
  • He played Yogi Berra in Bronx Bombers but left owing to miscommunications.
  • ¬†Pantoliano played Frankie and Johnny on Broadway. 155 films and TV programs feature Joe.
  • Joe has been in many films and TV shows.
  • In 2003, he received a Primetime Emmy for his role in The Sopranos.
  • Pan also won the SAG Award for Outstanding Ensemble Performance in a Drama Series in 2002 and 2004.
  • He won the TVCA Individual Achievement in Drama Award and the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1997.