Jorge Pérez

Quick Facts

Full Name:Jorge Pérez
Age:72 years old
Birthday:October 17, 1949
Birthplace:Buenos Aires, Argentina
Wife:Darlene Pérez
Net Worth:$2.6 billion
Height:5 ft 9 in
Profession:American real estate development

Jorge Perez is an Argentine-American businessman, patron of the arts, and philanthropist with a net worth of $1 billion. The CEO and Chairman of The Related Group are both natives of Argentina. Perez is without a doubt one of the wealthiest people alive today. He has a long history of professional accomplishment.

How old is Jorge Pérez?

jorge perez source;Instagram

On October 17, 1949, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jorge Pérez was born. He will be 72 years old. His parents are Cubans of Spanish descent. Born in Argentina, Perez spent his formative years there before moving to Miami in 1968.His father was the proprietor of a pharmacy that the Cuban government had taken over and nationalized. He graduated from Long Island University’s C.W. Post Campus with a bachelor’s in economics, and the University of Michigan awarded him a master’s in urban planning.

Body Measurement

He weighs N/A and is 5 ft 9 inch tall as of 2022. Perez worked as the city of Miami’s director of economic development prior to beginning his career in real estate development. The Related Group was founded by him and New York builder Stephen M. Ross in 1979.

How much money does Jorge Pérez make?

Jorge Perez is a very successful businessman who has amassed wealth of over $1 billion. According to the Forbes 400 list, as of October 2018, he was ranked 316th out of 400 and had a net worth of $2.6 billion.

Jorge Pérez with his wife Darlene Pérez at their home in Coconut Grove.Source;instagram

Perez’s estimated net worth as of June 2022 will be more than $2 billion. He derives much of his wealth from The Related Group, a business that concentrates on real estate development.Jorge Perez is one of the most successful people in the world, and he has succeeded through hard work and perseverance. His company is still operating at full capacity, just like him.

Who is the wife of Jorge Pérez?

After four years of marriage, Darlene and Jorge Pérez have four kids together. He was also a friend and business partner of former US President Donald Trump. Trump wrote the preface to Jorge’s book, Powerhouse Principles, in 2008. But since since Donald Trump was elected US president, Jorge has attacked his decisions.

Perez donated $35 million in cash and artwork to the Miami Art Museum in December 2011 to help with the finance of the Herzog & de Meuron building. After his large gift, the museum was given his name and is currently called the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) (PAMM). Later that year, he gave the museum an extra $15 million. He made a pledge to give the museum his whole collection even after he passed away.Perez recently donated $33 million to The Miami Foundation, an organization aiming to enhance Miami’s economic climate. He made the donation after selling Villa Cristina, a 10,000 square foot coastal villa. Additionally, the group supports causes related to social justice, instruction, the arts, and culture.

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Career Line

Jorge perez with his friend (source;instagram)
  • He began by building low-income multifamily housing all across Miami.
  • By building these residences, he actually amassed a large wealth.
  • He first built rental flats before turning into one of the most active high-rise condo builders in the southern United States.
  • Over the course of his career, Perez has built or managed 90,000 homes, the most of which are in South Florida.
  • The “Donald Trump of the Tropics” moniker was given to him as a result of his record of achievement
  • .After Related Group achieved $2.1 billion in revenue in 2004, Perez was ranked first on the Hispanic Business 500.
  • Perez, a Democratic supporter and adviser, counseled Bill Clinton on Cuban issues while he was president.
  • He also backed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton during their presidential campaigns.
  • During the 2007–2010 financial crisis, many of Related Group’s projects were in peril because property owners refused to settle on their properties or banks wouldn’t give borrowers loans.
  • Projects for his company are currently underway in Mexico, Panama, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, and Panama.
  • Among the well-known projects the business has created are 50 Biscayne, Icon Brickell, and Icon South Beach.
  • Jorge Perez has not yet received any recognition for his work.