Kaniehtiio Horn

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Actress Kaniehtiio Horn, who was born in Canada, is well known for her roles in Moccasin Flats: Redemption and other films and TV series. Her performances in the films The Trotsky, Leslie; My Name is Evil; and The Wild Hunt are likewise recognized as pivotal. Horn additionally made appearances in the sitcoms 18 to life Letterkenny and the horror online series Hemlock Grove.

Because of her commitment and persistence in honing her skills, Kaniehtiio has made it all feasible, from the uncredited short film to landing pivotal roles in big-screen movies. Let’s continue reading this biography to learn as much as we can about the Canadian actress.

Who are the parents of Kaniehto Horn?

On November 8, 1986, in Ontario, Canada, Kaniehtiio Horn was born to her mother, Tineta Horn, and a lawyer father of German and Scottish ancestry. Former model and Kahnawake First Nation political activist Tineta Horn is Horn’s mother.

Kaniehtiio Horn, 2022

She was raised with three sisters, the oldest of whom, Waneek Horn, served as captain of Canada’s women’s water polo squad at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. However, Dr. Ojistah Horn and Kahente Horn-Miller are the other two sisters of Kaniehtiio.

What is the net worth of Kaniehtiio Horn?

Kaniehtiio Horn is a committed and diligent actor who won the 2010 ACTRA Montreal Award for “The Man in the High Castel” and the “Drama Pitch Prize” for her great performance and acting. As of 2022, the actress has amassed a $1 million net worth as a result of her prosperous profession.

What race is Kaniehtiio Horn?

Horn is a member of the Canadian ethnicity and a citizen of Canada. She is a Scorpio by birth. In 2005, Horn continued her education at Dawn College after receiving her education from a private school. Her entire schooling and training in acting and theatre were influenced by her childhood desire of being an actress.

How did Kaniehtiio begin her acting career?

As part of the CBC Television miniseries “Indian Summer: The Oka Crisis in 2006,” Kaniehtiio Horn made her acting debut. She first appeared in the CBC sitcom “Sitcom to Life” as Monica Bellow. With the help of Joseph Tekaroniake Lazare, Horn also lends her voice to the Cartoon APTN.

Additionally, the actress played the part of “Dorothy Baum” in one of the most well-known TV shows, “Supernatural.” Slumber party was the episode in which she ultimately made her entrance. Following the popularity of her TV show supernatural, Kaniehtiio eventually received numerous offers for various TV projects. As a result, she played the characters Tara in Ghost BFF and Destiny Rumancek in Letterkenny and Hemlock Grove, respectively.

Kaniehtiio Horn from Supernatural

By appearing in a number of short films and television programs, Kaniehtiio Horn also became well-known in the film business. Her most well-known parts, however, are Myriam from “The Colony,” Caroline from “The Trotsky,” Princess Lyn from “The Wild Hunt,” and Katie from “Leslie.”

Additionally, the actor played Destiny Rumancek in the Netflix series “Hemlock Grove.” She has collaborated with performers like Dougray Scott, Bill Skarsgard, Lili Taylor, and Famke Janssen.

Who is the partner of Kaniehtiio Horn?

Kaniehtiio Horn, a star of the Canadian film business, has had a lot of success. But in addition to doing so many performances in the business, she also talks about her joys and sorrows with her lover, Brad LaRocque.

The couple already had a sweet baby together even though they haven’t decided to get married yet. It’s a boy baby, but the name hasn’t been made public yet. Horn and Brad are today living a happy life together as the delighted parents of their one and only kid.


Is Kaniehtiio social media user?

An active user of social media with a respectable fan base is Kaniehtiio Horn. The actress has over 63.4K followers on her @Kaniehtiio Instagram account. Additionally, she has more than 31.6K followers under the handle “@kaniehtiio” on Twitter.

Kaniehtiio Horn with Boyfriend and Son

What is the height and weight of Horn?

The Canadian actress, 34, is also unquestionably stunning in terms of appearance and beauty. Her gorgeous face is further enhanced by the grayish eyes and brownish hair.

She has also kept up great health and has an hourglass figure. She omitted any information on measurements, though. However, based on appearance, she might be about 5 feet 10 inches tall.