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Mary J. Blige’s ex-husband Martin Issacs alias Kendu Issacs is well-known among fans of R&B singer/songwriter Mary J. Blige’s work. They married in 2003, and their legally married existence came to an end in 2018. Prior to their marriage, the former lover had a professional connection. kendu managed mary. In today’s piece, we’ll learn more about him.

 What is the net worth of Kendu Isaacs?

In terms of Kendu Isaacs’ net worth, he is expected to be worth $4.5 million in 2022. However, as Just Richest pointed out, while he was married to his ex, Mary, he received 10% of her gross income. However, when his relationship with her ended, he lost that privilege.

Kendu Isaacs was married to music mogul Mary J. Blige
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Kendu did indeed lose all of the comforts he had while married to Mary. As a result, he was forced into a financial crisis, which landed him in the hospital. He was also requesting increased spousal support as a result of this.

After all of the ups and downs, insiders say Kendu is back in the game. He’s still working as a producer and manager in the music industry.

As Kendu net worth is unknown.

He is predicted to have a net worth of $4.5 million as of 2022.

Kendu Isaacs’ Love Life: Marriages and Divorces as a Father of Three

Kendu Isaacs was previously married before marrying Mary J. Blige. With his first wife, he had two kids, Nas and Jordan. Prior to that, he was also raising Brianna, a daughter from a teenage relationship.

Kendu Isaacs and Mary J Blige with Nas and Jordan.
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Kendu was a father of three children before marrying Mary, but that’s not all. Kendu was still married to his wife when the ex-couple got acquainted in 2003, according to Live Ramp Up.

According to legend, Brianna felt anger toward Mary as a result of this, and at the age of 15, she ran away from home. She also became involved with cocaine and became an addict. Fortunately, everything is well at the moment; nonetheless, sources suggest she expressed regret over her father’s and stepmother’s divorce.

Kendu Isaacs and his ex-wife Mary J. Blige have reached an agreement in their divorce.

Kendu Isaacs and Mary J. Blige, the former couple, have called it quits. In 2016, they decided to go their own ways, and their divorce was formalized in 2018.

Kendu, according to Amo Mama, was the one who cheated on Mary; he was dating someone else while they were still married. It’s thought that he was with a much younger woman, Starshell, a promising musician who Blige took under her wing as a protégé, though this isn’t confirmed.

Mary sought for divorce after learning of Kendu’s infidelity. However, it took nearly two years for the legal matter to be resolved. Why? Because Mary’s estranged husband, Kendu, requested that she pay him $30,000 in spousal support.

In 2017, he even made an appeal for increased spousal assistance, citing his unemployment and poverty. He requested a monthly stipend of roughly $65,000.

After all of that, Mary discovered that Kendu, 49, had never loved her and was only interested in her money. She must have struggled to accept the harsh fact that her lover was a liar. Kendu, on the other hand, having some difficulties when his cover was revealed. According to The Blast, his condition was so poor that he was hospitalized.

Is there a child between Mary J Blige and Kendu Isaacs?

Kendu Isaacs has three children, none of whom are from Mary J. Blige, so they don’t have any children together.

Facts of Kendu Isaacs

Full NameKendu Isaacs
Date of Birth1968/8/14
Birth CountryAmerica
Birth PlaceManhattan, New York
EthnicityMix Ethicity
Sexual Orientationstraight


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