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There are various factors that can be used to determine who Kim Gravel is. She’s a television personality first and foremost. Kim of Queens is her name, and she’s the star of the reality show. She also worked on a number of other successful initiatives. She also contributes to the popular show The Steve Harvey Show. She’s also a businesswoman, having created Belle, a QVC show hosted by Kim Gravel. She was also Miss Georgia in 1991, and beauty pageant contestants revere her for her knowledge of the industry. Aside from that, she’s a beautiful wife and mother. More information on her will be provided in this post, so stay tuned until the end to learn everything there is to know about her.

What is  net worth of Kim Gravel?

Kim Gravel, the star of Kim of Queens, has an astounding net worth of $5 million as of 2022. She was able to amass a sizable wealth as a result of her long and profitable profession.

Kim Gravel is a millionaire.
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Kim’s financial operations are hidden from public view; nonetheless, her lavish lifestyle is widely publicized. Consequently, even if her exact earnings aren’t disclosed, it’s evident that she amasss

Kim’s Career Highlights as a Pageant Winner

In terms of Kim’s career, as previously stated, she is active in a variety of disciplines and has achieved great success, which has resulted in her tremendous popularity.

Kim was once involved in the music industry. Earn The Necklace reports that she was the lead vocalist and songwriter for the recording group Beloved.

Kim Gravel tied the knot with her lover, Travis.
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Kim competed in the Miss Georgia pageant in 1991. She was only 19 years old at the time, and she became the youngest person to win the tournament. Following that, she went on to represent her home state in the Miss America pageant, which she won. She was offered the position of US Goodwill Ambassador to Japan as a result of her outstanding performance.

In terms of her television appearances, she debuted in 2014. That year, I was assigned two tasks. In the television series Drop Dead Diva, she played a waitress. She’s also a cast member of the Lifetime reality show Kim of Queens. On that episode, we can watch her life as a beauty pageant coach who prepares young ladies for pageants.

Kim has been on a few shows as a host. According to her Twitter account, she contributes to The Steve Harvey Show and Headline News (HLN). In addition, she has appeared as a guest on The Steve Harvey Show several times.

The 49-year-old diva has had a lot of success as a businesswoman in the cosmetics industry. Kim Gravel’s company, Belle Beauty, is owned by her. Similarly to her cosmetics business, she has a clothing company that offers the greatest attire for women. In addition, she sells lovely jewelry on QVC’s official website.

Kim became a trained life coach, advisor, and consultant as a result of her years of expertise.

The Diva is married, and she and her husband have two sons.

Kim Gravel, who was born on August 5, 1996, to Brooks and Jo Hardee, has been fortunate in both her professional and personal lives. She did, in fact, manage to keep her married life with her spouse for a long period, unlike many celebrities. They’ve been together for nearly two decades.

The 50-years-old Kim Gravel with her cute sons.
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Travis Gravel, Kim’s beau, is her husband. According to Just Richest, the lovely couple married on August 16, 2000. They have been husband and wife since then.

Beau and Blanton Gravel, the couple’s two adorable kids, were born to Kim and Travis. The oldest is Beau, who was born in 2010, and the youngest is Blanton, who was born in 2012. In Atlanta, their children are growing up in a wonderful atmosphere.

What is the name of Kim Gravel’s husband?

Travis Gravel, a former model, is Kim Gravel’s spouse.

What happened to Kim Gravel?

Kim currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband Travis and two little sons, Beau and Blanton Gravel.

What was the reason for the cancellation of Kim of Queens?

Despite its enormous popularity, Kim of Queens gradually lost viewers, leading to its discontinuation; however, Lifetime intends to work with Gravel again in the future.

Facts of Kim Gravel

Full NameKim Gravel
Date of Birth1971/5/27
Birth CountrySouth Carolina
Birth PlaceSouth Carolina, United States
Mother NameJo Hardee
Grand Father NameN/A
Grand Mother NameN/A
Sexual OrientationFemale

Instagram:@kim gravel

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