Kim Mathers

Facts of Kim Mathers
Date of Birth:1975, January-9
Age:47 years old
Birth Nation:United States of America
NameKim Mathers
Birth NameKimberly Anne Scott
Nick NameKim Mathers
FatherCasimer Sluck
MotherKathleen Sluck
Birth Place/CityWarren, Michigan
Net Worth$2 million
SistersDawn Scott1

Eminem’s ex-wife, Kimberly Mathers, is well-known in the rap world. When the couple first fell in love, they were both teenagers. The couple was hitched twice; the first time was in 1999, and the second time was in 2001. Later, in January 2006, they got remarried and got divorced barely three months later.

 Early Years of Kim Mathers

Kim Mathers was born Kimberly Anne Scott on January 9, 1975, to Kathleen Sluck in Warren, Michigan, in the United States. Dawn Scott is her identical twin sister. Her Capricorn birth sign describes her as self-assured, dependable, smart, pragmatic, highly practical, and resourceful.

When Mathers’ parents were divorced, she and her twin sister had to be reared by their abusive mother and stepfather Casimer Sluck because she was too young. At the age of 15, Mathers and her sister fled their home because of her stepfather. She had a difficult upbringing. Although Kim Mathers hasn’t started a career, most people know her as the ex-wife of actor and rapper Eminem. He had 10 number-one albums on the Billboard 200 throughout his career, making him the best-selling artist of the 2000s in terms of sales in the US. The renowned performer has had 15 Grammy Awards as of 2019.

Kim Mathers’s Net Worth

Kim Mathers hasn’t joined a work or fraternity professionally; rather, her fame came from her marriage to Eminem. She is thought to have received alimony after her divorce, which accounts for her estimated $2 million net worth. In Macomb Township, Michigan, she is the owner of a home. However, the house’s financial information is kept a secret.

Eminem, Mathers’ ex-husband, is one of the most popular rappers today. According to celebrity net worth in 2022, the rapper has a staggering net worth of $210 million. The rapper’s successful music career has allowed her to amass an astounding amount of wealth.

The artist paid $4.75 million for his Michigan home in the year 2003. In the Michigan town of Rochester Hills is where the mansion is. The rapper earned $13 million in March 2018 from the track “Lose Yourself.”

Relationship, Divorce, and Husband of Kim Mathers

In the past, Kim Mathers was married to the well-known rapper, songwriter, record producer, and actor Eminem. Currently, he may be single. When they first met at a house party, Eminem and Kim were both just teenagers, Eminem being 15 and Kim being 13.

Due to their violent stepfather, Mathers and her sister Dawn fled their home. Eminem took them to his home, where his mother warmly welcomed both of the sisters. They began dating intermittently in 1989. On December 25, 1995, they brought their daughter Hailie Mathers into the world. The couple wed twice; the first time, right before Eminem’s Up In Smoke Tour in 1999, and they divorced in 2001. After settling their differences, they got married again in 2006, but they soon announced their separation in early April, agreeing to share custody of their daughter.

Eminem adopted Mathers’ child from a brief connection she had with an unidentified man.

In 2000, Eminem released the song Kim, in which he describes his love-hate relationship with his wife.

Whitney Scott Mathers, Kim’s biological daughter from a prior relationship with Eric Hartter, is also a biological child.

Mathers was detained and accused of possessing cocaine in 2001, although he was never found guilty. Despite her declaration of innocence, she was given a 30-day prison sentence for breaking the terms of her probation.

In a radio interview, Mathers said that the drunk driving incident in October 2015 was a suicide attempt. She said that she drove the car with the aim of wrecking it, for which she was deeply regretful.

Dawn Mathers, Kim Mathers’ identical twin sister, passed away in January 2016. She was discovered dead from a heroin overdose in a residence in Macomb County, Michigan. Alaina Marie Mathers was later adopted by Eminem.

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