Lelah Amore Harris

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Facts of Lelah Amore Harris

Full Name:Lelah Amore Harris
Birth Date:March 22, 2007
Age:15 years
Country:United States
FatherClifford Joseph Harris Jr
MotherTameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle
SiblingsZonnique Jailee Pullins, Clifford “King” Joseph Harris II, Major Philant Harris, Messiah Ya’Majesty Harris, Domani Uriah Harris, Deyjah Imani Harris


Lelah Amore Harris was the child of T.l.-famous parents Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. and Tameka “Tiny” Cottle.

When was Lelah Amore Harris born?

Lelah Amore Harris was stillborn on March 22nd, 2007. She was the unborn child of Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. and Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, also known as T.l.Sadly, they never got to see their daughter live through even a single day. Lelah, a stillborn baby, was delivered by American singer Tameka. Living with her parents and other siblings was something Lelah Amore Harris was never able to do.

Caption: Lelah Amore Harris’s parents (Photo: BCKOnline)

How was the funeral of Lelah Amore Harris?

Lelah Amore Harris’ passing caused her parents a great deal of sorrow. She never opened her tiny eyes to the world, which is a shame. Lelah said goodbye to her parents, siblings, and other family members without having seen this lovely planet. With her parents, siblings, and other family members in attendance, Lelah Amore Harris’ funeral was packed with mourners.She was only six months old at the time. Tameka, her mother, said:

Tameka of Amore’s mother remarked,

“She kept her in the room with her the entire day after Lelah was born. They dressed her in a clothing and placed her in the small basket with a blanket covering her.Lelah and her mother’s daughter were never intended to be separated. The fact that Tameka’s daughter’s body was becoming cold could compel nature to make a decision that would bring her anguish. The news of their daughter’s passing drew a lot of public interest.When the crowd of people came to see them, her parents struggled.

How was her mother pregnancy period struggle?

Tameka fell pregnant in the year 2006. During the routine medical check-up, doctors informed Tameka, Lelah’s mother, that this pregnancy may have some issues. In interviews with Essence.com, her mother talked openly about the difficulties she faced while pregnant.

Caption: Lelah Amore Harris’s mother Tameka picture of pregnancy (Photo: idatedaily)

Tameka said that her kid was within the sac. Additionally, tiny doctors clarified her difficult pregnancy. She was also ready for the potential that the infant would become entangled in the umbilical cord. After losing their child, Lelah’s parents suffered great loss and briefly fell into sadness.Her doctors allegedly assured her that everything was fine with her unborn child because it appeared to be under control, but when she went to a specialist for a checkup, she discovered the baby had no heartbeat.

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What is the reason of divorce of Lelah Amore Harris’s parents?

The 17-year relationship between Lelah Amore Harris’ parents came to an end in 2016.On July 30, 2010, in Miami Beach, Florida, her mother and father wed after first becoming romantically involved. In the year 2001, the couple first came into contact.

Caption: Lelah Amore Harris’s parents (Photo: Zimbo)

King Harris, Major Philant Harris, Heiress Diana Harris, and Leyah Amore Harris were their four children from their marriage. After six years of marriage, her mother Tameka and her father T.I split in December 2016. T.L, nevertheless, made an effort to persuade her to reconcile with him after their divorce.Their divorce was primarily brought on by her father T.L.’s infidelity to his wife. He was also discovered dating several different ladies.Her oldest daughter, Zonnique Jailee Pullins, was born while she was in an open relationship with Zonnie “Zeboe” Pullins. Heiress Diana was born in March 2016 after the passing of Lelah Amore, when her mother Tiny was pregnant with her third child.

Who are the Lelah Amore Harris’ siblings?

Lelah Amore was the second child born to her parents, Clifford and Tiny. Lelah would have six siblings if she were still living, all of whom are the product of her mother and father’s previous union. She also had two sisters, two half-brothers, two half-sisters, and four brothers, including two brothers.

Caption: Lelah Amore Harris’s siblings with her parents’ (Photo: Pinterest)

Zonnique Jailee Pullins, Clifford “King” Joseph Harris II, Major Philant Harris, Messiah Ya’Majesty Harris, Domani Uriah Harris, and Deyjah Imani Harris are listed among the siblings of Lelah.