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Social media has aided many people in the current generation, including actors, comedians, singers, and models with distinctive skills and talents, in becoming well-known and fashionable. One of them is Loey Lane, a plus-sized Instagram model who is now generating a significant amount of online media interest.

Loey is a popular YouTuber and social media user who was born in the United States. She is most known for her videos on plus-size fashion and beauty-related topics. She also actively promotes positivity and uses her vlogs to address the major problem of body and fat-shaming.

How was the early life of Loey Lane?

On May 20, 1993, in Georgia, United States of America, Loey Lane was born. She is also 29 years old as of 2022. Although the girl did not provide the media much specifics about her family, it is known that her father passed away many years ago. She does, however, have a brother named Christian who she adores very much.

Loey Lane 2021

Additionally, Loey related a few of her childhood memories. She made note of her home, which seemed to be haunted. She experienced anorexia in her early years and had difficult times, but she eventually came to terms with her physical size. Furthermore, while we don’t know anything about her education, as of 2021 she might have graduated from a university.

How much is the net worth of Loey Lane?

As of 2022, Loey Lane’s estimated net worth was $493,000. She does, however, climb beyond this during the next few days. Her main sources of revenue are brand sponsorships and YouTube.

Career & Professional Life

Loey Lone’s career began with the launch of her YouTube page in mid-February 2013. Lane made the decision to turn her lifelong passion in beauty and fashion trends into a full-time profession. However, for a plus-sized woman like her, it was not that simple. When it comes to fashion for plus-sized bodies, there is a significant disparity.

Additionally, many women who gave up on fashion due to their plus-sized bodies are favorably inspired by her commitment and labor of love in bringing about change in society. Her social media following gradually grew as a result, and companies like Kohl’s and Sephora began approaching her about paid advertising and promotions.

Loey Lane Marriage with Army Man Tyler

Moreover, Loey launched a campaign requesting that Disney add a Disney Princess with curves in their animated tales. Even so, she named her vlog “The Not So Little Mermaid.” As a result, Lane discussed various important concerns and the need for Disney to expand to other bodies in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine. She recently debuted a supernatural podcast at Parcast on Spotify.

How is the individual Life of Loey Lane?

Loey Lane wasn’t always the way she is. She was quite slim and had a stunning body in high school, where she met Tyler, the love of her life. He was initially identified as an officer in the US Army.

Since they were kids, Lane and Tyler have shared a close relationship; after sharing a home with one another for seven years, they decided to get married. The former childhood sweethearts wed in 2012, and she later relocated to Kansas with her husband, Tyler.



Happiness and the same bonding, though, did not last for very long. Loey said that she is no longer with an Army Officer and that they have divorced, despite the fact that she never explained why their marriage had failed. After a while, Lane is also frequently spotted with her manager Jake Webb, who she used to travel with and take lots of pictures of.

It is difficult to locate, though, as she doesn’t leave any indications of her romantic status. Additionally, she has recently mostly focused on YouTube, so let’s wait until she independently declares her dating status.

Controversy of Loey Lane

The well-known plus-sized person also experienced a contentious period in which she was the target of frequent and hurtful remarks about her weight and appearance. People advised her to avoid wearing revealing clothing, dress for her body type, and to quit “Spreading Obesity.”

With a satirical vlog titled “Why Fat Girls Shouldn’t Wear Bikinis,” Loey responded to these things from the other side. Although the video also attracted a lot of negative remarks, such as never to wear shorts or a bikini, the situation eventually died down, and many apologized for their actions.

Is Loey Lane a social media user?

Active on social media, Loey Lane has respectable fan bases. She utilizes her 704K-follower Instagram account with the username “@loeybug.” Also active on social media, Loey has more than 214.2K followers on Twitter under the handle @Loeybug and close to 1.9M followers on Facebook. In addition, the model has more than 2.28 million YouTube subscribers.

Loey Lane thanking all the well-wishers on her 28th Birthday

What is the height and weight of Loey Lane?

The plus-size model Loey Lane is approximately 90 kilograms in weight and stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches. She does, however, possess an impressive and assured personality. Her body is 40-34-40 inches in size. In addition, the woman has dark brown hair and hazel eyes.