Louriza Tronco

Quick Facts

Birth DateOctober 21,1993
Full NameLouriza Tronco
Birth NameLouriza Tronco
Birth CityWinnipeg, Manitoba
Birth CountryCanada
Father NameRene Tronco
Father ProfessionEmployee at Boeing Canada
Mother NameMerla Tronco
Mother Professioncertified nurse
Gender IdentityFemale
Marital StatusRelation
Height153 cm
Weight52 kg
SibilingsJohn Tronco and Grande Tronco
Insta LinkInsta Link

A well-known Canadian actress named Louriza Tronco gained notoriety for her part in the television program Make it Pop. On the television show Cult in 2013, she made her acting debut as Libby.

She is well-known for singing various cover songs on YouTube in addition to her acting career. She also works as a social media influencer, promoting various companies on her channels.

Who Is Louriza Dating?

Kevin Paterson and Louriza Tronco have a love relationship.

On November 1, 2020, the adorable pair shared their first Instagram together. Years have passed since they first began dating.

Picture of Louriza Tronco and her boyfriend Kevin Paterson. Image Source: Instagram @kpat81

Their relationship is still unknown to us in more detail. Most of her supporters think they make a cute couple and wish them well in their upcoming nuptials.

Family Information

Her parents, Merla Tronco and Rene Tronco, gave birth to Louriza. Her parents moved to America after leaving the Philippines.

Regarding Louriza’s parents’ occupations, her father Rene works at Boeing Canada, a subsidiary of the 1929-founded American Boeing Airplane Company.

Merla, her mother, is also a licensed nurse.

Who are the siblings Of Louriza?

Interestingly, both of Louriza’s two siblings are brothers, which is a blessing.

Her brothers, John and Grande Tronco, are people she gets along well with.

She grew up playing with her brothers and has a strong bond with them, as evidenced by the photographs she posts on Instagram.

How much is the net worth of Louriza Tronco?

Louriza Tronco has made a respectable living out of her career. Similar to Gary Entin, her estimated net worth is $1.5 million.

Picture of Louriza Tronco with her car. Image Source: Instagram @lourizatronco

She does not, however, own any businesses that enable her to make money.

Beginnings of Louriza

Louriza, an actress from The Order, was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, on October 21, 1993. She is Filipino, but because her parents emigrated to Canada before she was born, she also holds Canadian citizenship.

Louriza has often said that her parents supported her decision to become an actress from an early age.

What Height Has Louriza?

Louriza Tronco is a 5-foot-tall woman (153 cm). Similar to Tammy MacIntosh, she has maintained a healthy, fit body at 52 kg.

She also has black hair and dark brown eyes. Her body is 30-24-32 inches in size.

Education Information

Despite the fact that Louriza graduated from high school in 2008, little is known about her high school. She competed for a top-notch education and won admission to the Canadian College of Performing Arts, as the reports indicate.

Childhood picture of Louriza Tronco on her birthday. Image Source: Instagram @lourizatronco

She has additionally participated in dancing competitions while still in high school. She took part in a theater performance at her school event.

When did she start her Career?

2013 saw Louriza Tronco get her first acting position on the Cult television series. Following her film debut, she appeared in My Boyfriend’s Dogs, Zapped, and The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story.

After playing a supporting role in a number of TV shows, she finally got a chance to play the lead in Make it Pop in 2015, which helped her gain widespread recognition.

Similar to this, Cult, Ties That Bind, Spiral, and The Order are a few of her well-known film and television roles.

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Social Media of Louriza’s Boyfriend

Kevin Paterson, Louriza’s boyfriend, uses the handle @kpat81 on social media sites like Instagram. More than 624 people follow him.

As he uploads images of dishes, himself, and old items to Instagram, it has a very attractive appeal. Additionally, he doesn’t appear to be active on Facebook and Twitter.

present on YouTube

Louriza, a Spiral actor, may also be found on YouTube with the handle @chillin’like villain08. For her YouTube channel, she has 378 subscribers. On YouTube, she is not as active as she is on other social platforms.

She uploaded her singing and dancing video to YouTube along with a number of sneak peeks.

In the September 2019 issue of Rising Magazine, Louriza was profiled together with Sarah Grey and Devery Jacobs. Her first appearance on a magazine cover was this one.

As she stated on her Instagram, she was ecstatic and proud at the time.

Has a Pet

Actress Louriza from The Order is the owner of a cute dog whose name is still a secret. She has a Coton de Tulear dog.

Picture of Louriza Tronco and her dog. Image Source: Instagram @lourizatronco

Louriza loves to spend her leisure time with her dog, there is no doubt about that. They have a strong bond, as evidenced by her Instagram.

Instagram presence

Louriza Tronco posts numerous images and videos on her social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram.

She has been able to become well-known outside of performing thanks to social media. Louriza has more than 149k followers on Instagram and goes by the pseudonym @lourizatronco.

Similar to this, Louriza has 12.3K followers on her Twitter account with the handle @LourizaTronco and is active there as well. In May 2014, she signed up for Twitter.

Gym Freak

Louriza is a gym rat who frequently visits the gym and posts pictures of her training on social media. She is a health-conscious individual who also takes good care of her body.

Picture of Louriza Tronco with her Trainor, Garfield Wilson. Image Source: Instagram @lourinzatronco

Garfield Wilson, a trained gym trainer, is another of her personal Trainors.

The IMDb page

Louriza has an IMDb profile on her name with twenty acting credits, one for the soundtrack, and three for herself, similar to other celebrities.

Her short bio, contact information, and list of films with her part and release date can all be found on her IMDb page. Among them are:

TV Series and MoviesRoleReleased Date
 The Order Gabrielle Dupres 2019
 Mystery 101 Lacey Daniels 2019
 Road to Christmas Lucy 2018
 Make it Pop Jodi 2015
 My life as a Dead Girl Kayla 2015