Magomed Tolboyev

Facts of Magomed Tolboyev

Full Name:Magomed Tolboyev
Age:70 years
Birthday:20 Jan
Birthplace:Sogratl, Dagestan
Wife:Lyubov Tolboyeva
Net Worth:$1M-$5M
Profession:Politician, Athlete, Pilot
Sibling:Four brother(Taygib, Shey Magomed Tojiboyev, Ali Tolboyev, Ahmed Tolboyev) and one sister (Hadizhat Abduzhalilova)

Magomed Tolboyev is a former high-profile Russian test pilot during the Soviet era. Magomed Tolboyev originally came to prominence as a Buran space shuttle test pilot. He has worked on both civilian and military aircraft in Russia. He, too, is a sportsperson.


What is Magomed Tolboyev’s age?

Megomed Tolboyev was born in the Russian town of Sogratl, Dagestan, on January 20, 1951. He is a Russian national who is 69 years old. He was also born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Djamgarat Alievna is his mother’s name, and Omar Magomedovich is his father’s. Megomed’s mother was a driver and his father worked on the collective farm. Taygib’s older brother was also honored as a Russian Hero. Shey Magomed Tojiboyev, Ali Tolboyev, Ahmed Tolboyev, and Hadizhat Abduzhalilova are his three brothers and one sister, respectively. He is also a descendant of the Avars.

Magomed Tolboyev earned his bachelor’s degree in 1973 from EVVAL, Yeisk Higher Military School of Pilots. He went on to a variety of educational institutes after that. In 1984,

Magomed also finished a training course at the Cosmonaut Training Center and graduated from the CB Group’s Higher School of Social Sciences (Higher Party School) in Germany. In addition, he studied Russian history for two years at the Peoples’ Friendship University’s graduate school.

How much is Magomed Tolboyev’s net worth ?

His net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, according to popularbio.

Magomed Tolboyev is married to who?

Magomed Tolboyev married Lyubov Tolboyeva. They are the parents of three children: two daughters and one son. Marina, the eldest daughter, went to the Metropolitan University in London to study and graduated. Ruslan, the son, is also the CEO of both enterprises and a shareholder in a number of others. The second daughter, Natalia, is a fashion designer.

Additionally, the couple met while Magomed was a cadet at Yeisk. At the time, he was training in Taganrog. In the garrison, they worked on his future wife Lubov Vasilyevna, a native Cossack woman. They married in 1977, a year after they met.

What is the Magomed Tolboyev’s height ?

Magomed Tolboyev’s body measurements are still unknown, including height, weight, chest size, and any additional sizes. The dimensions of Tolboyev are currently being scrutinized. He also has green eyes and brown hair that is progressively turning white.

 Tolboyev’s professional path

  • Since 1969, Magomed Tolboyev had served in the Soviet Army. Since 1973, he has served as a pilot in the Soviet Union’s Air Force. He also served in the fighter aircraft of the Odesa Military District’s Air Force and the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, where he was in charge of some parachute training.
  • Similarly, after graduation in 1981, the MAP USSR assigned the Schoolstest pilots to the LII, and Magomed has been the captain of the space ship “Buran” since 1984, earning him the status of a test cosmonaut.
  • As a test pilot, he flew combat vehicles such the MiG-25, MiG-29, and Su-24. He also studied and became the first to fly a variety of new experimental and sports aircraft.
  • He was also able to address a number of difficulties linked to aviation equipment, such as the creation of air combat procedures, as a result of his flying and testing work. In addition, he faced various unexpected scenarios during his flight training, yet he always came out on top.
  • Megomed Tolboyev joined the LII cosmonaut corps and received training at the Yu.A. Gagarin Pilot-Cosmonaut Training Center. There were also a number of one-of-a-kind practice flights during this training. Similarly, he spent several years as a member of the USSR national team for aviation sports before co-founding “CPC” (“Space Conversion Technologies”) in 2002.

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