Maity Interiano

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Quick Fact

Although there are numerous news reporters in the globe, just a small percentage of them are Emmy winners. The focus of today’s biography will be Maity Interiano, a specialist who is exceptional in her field. A well-known television journalist who is well-known both in Spain and the United States is Maity Interiano.

She is well known for both her journalism work on numerous TV shows and for creating television for Univision. Today, we’ll learn every detail about her age, parents, childhood, and other life events. We will also get a peek of her life since it is the focus of this biography and learn more about her romantic status. So let’s start finding out more about her right now.

What is Maity Interiano’s net worth?

Two of the most exciting topics to read about in celebrity news are their relationships and earnings. People’s financial situations and geographic places constantly intrigue us. However, neither she nor her employer have made any disclosures regarding her pay. Our research indicates that she currently has a net worth of around $3 million. The matter is still pertinent today because Maity has not stated anything.

adolescence and family

She frequently answers “37 years old” when asked how many years she has (how old are you). Maity Interiano was conceived in Gainsville, Florida, on January 15, 1985. She was born in the USA, hence she is an American citizen. Although she did not give much information about her father, she did divulge that her mother’s name is Jutta Pocher and that her parents’ names are Gerhard and Pocher.


Being an American citizen, she finished her primary and secondary education at the nearby schools and colleges. Despite this, she has never provided any information regarding her undergraduate studies, therefore we are unaware of what her bachelor’s degree focused on. From what we know, she seemed to be pursuing a subject related to journalism.

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When did Maity start working at Univision?

Before starting her career as a television founder at Univision, Emmy Award–winning journalist Maity appeared in a number of television programs, including Despierta America and a few others. She has been able to work at renowned American commercial firms thanks to her superior journalism skills and self-assurance. She is one of the most searched-for celebrities in Puerto Rican countries even though she is quite well-known in the United States.

Maity Interiano Via IMDb

Do you know the Relationship Status of Maity Interiano?

Right now, we have looked everywhere for information on her relationship. We were completely unsuccessful in our search. We are aware that nothing is known about her and her boyfriend. Today, however, we discovered that she and her lover Anuar had just lately gotten together and were now contently cohabitating. They don’t have any children and are not married. We anticipate receiving the wonderful news very soon.

Social Media

She does indeed have an own Instagram page. Maity shares more about her life and career as a journalist on her Instagram account. She currently has more than 523k followers on her performance. You may follow Maity Interiano on Instagram if you’re interested in finding out more about her life and routine.

Maity Interiano Via Univision

Physical Appereance

Her present height is approximately 5 feet 6 inches, and she weighs about 57 kilograms, per our research. Her brown eyes and hair give her a typically Caucasian facial structure. She is currently in perfect health and not dealing with any serious health issues. Her zodiac sign is also Capricorn.