Majah Hype

Majah Hype is a stand-up comic. For his parts in and MAJAH HYPE SHOW, he is well-known.

Majah Hype is a stand-up comic. He has the ability to make people laugh, and he has been doing so for quite some time. However, the man who made so many people forget their sorrows and rejoice is currently in peril. He was admitted to the hospital last month after suffering a small heart attack, and now his girlfriend has accused him of abusing her.

As a result, many people are curious about his relationship; as a result, we’ve compiled everything the internet has to say about it, as well as everything there is to know about the comic Majah Hype.

Majah Hype’s estimated net worth in 2022

Majah Hype, on the other hand, has amassed an impressive net worth of $4 million as of 2022. Yes, he’s a millionaire, and it’s all thanks to his struggles in the entertainment industry.

Majah Hype is a millionaire and lives a lavish lifestyle.
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Hype became well-known as a comedian, actor, and singer. He amassed a tremendous wealth as a result of his work in skits, comedy, music, and movies. In addition, he has 1.2 million Instagram followers.

Bio/Wiki of Majah Hype

Let’s take a look at Majah Hype’s background before we get into his current troubles. Despite the fact that there is no indication of when he was born, it has been established that Hype is a Brooklyn native.

Collin Nigel McPherson is Hype’s true name. In East Kingston, Jamaica, he was reared by his parents. He grew up with his two siblings, but no further information about them is available.

Hype hails from Brooklyn.
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Though little is known about his family, it appears that he is close to them because the comic depicts his Caribbean family on stage. According to Aussie Celebs, he takes on grandparents, uncles, and friends in a live performance that is both side-splittingly humorous and affectionate.

Latisha Kirby or Latasha, Hype’s girlfriend, has accused him of abusing her.

Majah Hype is being chastised in a video that has gone viral. Latisha Kirby, aka Latasha, the comedian girlfriend, shared the video on her Instagram page.

The dark side of Hype’s lover was shown. Hype’s ex, Latasha, claims in the video that he was abusive to her during their relationship. She apologizes to her friends and family for isolating herself to hide bruises and symptoms of suspected abuse while breaking the news.

Hype with his former lover Latasha.
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According to Hype’s girlfriend, she buried all of the agony inside herself to protect him, but nothing changed, so she went public to reclaim control of her life.

Latasha’s video also revealed that she is the mother of Hype’s child, Kody Campbell. According to Earn The Necklace, the couple is parenting their child despite the fact that there is no record of their marriage.

Majah Hype is in the hospital with a mild heart attack.

Those who follow Majah Hype’s work may recall that he was rushed to the hospital about a month ago. What was the reason for this? He had a small heart attack, as it turned out.

Although he initially attributed the explanation to an unidentified source of stress, many feel the true cause is his girlfriend, as seen by recent headlines about him. He appeared to be having difficulties in his personal life.

Facts of Majah Hype

Full NameMajah Hype
Sexual Orientationstraight

Instagram:@Majah Hype

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