Matilda Lawler


Watching superhero movies is entertaining. Sometimes they turned into a stress reliever and heartwarmer for your bad mood. Matilda Lawler, a rising star in the film industry, entered the field with her Disney+ superhero film Flora and Ulysses.

Matilda grew up in the typical splendor and media spotlight as a member of an acting family. She can therefore present herself to the entertainment world at the young age of 13. Learn more about her lifelong journey from childhood to job success in a Disney film.

How was the early years of Matilda Lawler?

Matilda Lawler was born in California, America, on September 8 of the year 2008. She will also be 13 in 2022, according to this. Father Matthew Lawler and mother Mara Lawler are the parents of the young Matilda.

Matilda Lawler 2022

Her father is a well-known actor who has appeared in some fantastic films and TV shows, including ABC’s “The Family.” Although she is a lesser-known performer, Matilda’s mother is best recognized for her role in the 2014 film “Coward.”

The young girl has one older sister who has been identified as having type 1 diabetes. In addition to this, Matilda is an American citizen of white heritage. She is presently attending a school in her hometown.

How much is the net worth of Matilda Lawler?

As of 2022, Matilda, a 14-year-old child actress, is expected to be worth $400K-$500K. Her acting profession has given her this status, which will only increase in the near future. Her acting talent is demonstrated by her performances in several films and TV shows.

How did Matilda Lawler begin her career?

When Matilda was eight years old, she first started her cinematic career by going to an audition for a play. but at age 10 made her illustrious Broadway debut. Her first appearance on screen came as a result of the Broadway production of “The Ferryman.

In the year that followed, Matilda played Brenda in the renowned television series “Evil” in 2019. In 2020, she then made an appearance as Emily in the horror film “The Black Island Sound.” Her work has garnered a lot of praise and criticism, making her a notable young artist in Hollywood.

Additionally, Matilda the child ultimately experienced her biggest success thanks to her part in “Flora & Ulysses” on Disney+. She has made an appearance as Flora Buckman, a heroic squirrel hunter who has been given the name “Ulysses.

How is the individual life of Matilda Lawler?

Matilda Lawler lives in a beautiful atmosphere that her parents have made. The majority of her leisure time was spent with her parents. We cannot anticipate that she will be dating or involved in a relationship as she is only 14 years old.

Aside from them, Matilda is a girl who loves freedom and is leading a happy life. Through her Instagram and other social media accounts, one can learn about her personality and intriguing life quickly.


Is Matilda Lawler a social media user?

Only Matilda Lawler, who goes under the username “@matildalawleractor,” is active on Instagram. More than 4.4K of her followers are fans of and admirers of little Matilda’s skill. She frequently shares pictures of her having a good time with the staff on Instagram.

Matilda Lawler Instagram

What is the height and weight of Matilda Lawler?

Growing Matilda was 4 feet 8 inches tall when she was a child. Additionally, she weighs between between 35 and 40 kilograms. She has a sweet face and dark brown eyes with a hint of blue around the rims. Her hair also has a dark tint. Sadly, aside from her lovely appearance, no more details about her physical proportions are known.