Mayko Nguyen

Facts of Mayko Nguyen

Full NameMayko Nguyen
Date of Birth1980/6/2
Birth CountryCanada
Birth PlaceVancouver

Actress Mayko Nguyen, who is based in Canada, is well-known for playing Dr. Sarah Truong in the TV series Hudson and Rex.

Actress Mayko Nguyen, who is based in Canada, is well-known for playing Dr. Sarah Truong in the TV series Hudson and Rex. She has additionally appeared in ReGenesis, Titans, Killjoys, and other films.

On June 2nd, 1980, Nguyen blessed her parents. She was raised in Vancouver, Canada. She is a Gemini, according to contemporary astrologers. And has kept her personal information hidden because she is a private person. She is said to be of Vietnamese heritage and has always had a passion for performing.

Let’s learn some fascinating details about ReGenesis actress Nguyen.

How much is the net worth of Mayko Nguyen?

Mayko Nguyen has accumulated a phenomenal net worth of $1.5 million as a result of her struggle, commitment, and passion in her professional career.

She has contributed to a number of successful projects that have brought in a sizable sum of money, including Hudson and Rex, The Righteous, Rookie Blue, Slasher, and others.

The actress has an average income of $50,000, but given her experience, she may make more. Additionally, Michael Brushey, her better half, makes a nice living as a musician and drummer.

She is enjoying a happy and comfortable life with her family thanks to all of her good fortune.

Status of Relationships

Mayko Nguyen and her longtime partner Michael Brushey are currently enjoying their marriage. Like other famous people, she has not kept her life partner a secret, but she has not yet revealed their relationship history.

Mayko Nguyen and her better half
source: Instagram @maykonguyen

It is still unknown how and where the pair originally met, but it appears that they have been dating for a considerable amount of time.

On his birthday, she sent her hubby wishes. Nguyen is not known to have been romantically involved with anyone else aside from this.

educational history

Nguyen has a good education and graduated from Vancouver’s Eric Hamber Secondary School in 1998. The same year Benny Yau and Jared Van Snellenberg graduated from that university, two other well-known figures.

She might have attended a neighborhood school, like the majority of people, for her elementary schooling. In addition, her course and academic standing have not yet been revealed.

Michael Brushey’s husband

Michael Brushey, the better half of Nguyen, is a musician who has contributed to numerous recordings. He is a skilled drummer that both plays live and records for the studio. He has a birthday party every 24th of August.

Mayko Nguyen’s husband Michael Brushey
source: Discogs

Brushey is a reserved man who does not divulge a lot of information about himself, much like his wife. On his Instagram, he has not made any mention of Nguyen.

Happy to Have Two Children

Nguyen considers herself fortunate to have two children. Together with her spouse Michael, she has a son and a daughter. She has a lot of images of her kids on her Instagram, but she hasn’t yet officially introduced them.

Mayko Nguyen and her children
source: Instagram @maykonguyen

Despite her hectic schedule, the Canadian actress finds time for her kids. She engages in play with them and travels. They are receiving a good life from her.

Has an Omi-named sister

Omi Nguyen is the sister of Nguyen. She enjoys drawing a lot and is really interested in it. Omi’s drawing was posted by Mayko on Instagram with the caption, “Drawn by my sister.”

Omi might be a related, but it’s unclear if she’s her real sister. She has Mayko’s unwavering support and encouragement as she pursues a career in painting.


Mayko Nguyen began her acting career in 2002, when she was at 22 years old. Within a short period of time, she ascended fast to higher professional success, influencing people through her career and attaining enormous fame.

As she gained in stature, her professional life eventually came full circle. She gained fame not just in her native Canada but also internationally as a result of her performance in the film.

In the television series Mysterious ways, she made her acting debut in 2002. She then appeared in films like Princess, ReGenesis, 11 Cameras, The Last New Year, Fahrenheit 451, and so on.

Mayko has received 49 acting credits throughout her career. Nguyen performs on stage as an actor. She performed in The Unending at the 2016 Toronto Fringe Festival and Salt-Water Moon in the spring of 2016. Also she had an appearance in Hudson & Rex, a Citytv serial police drama where a police detective teams up with a German Shepherd, starting in 2019. She periodically goes to cases in the role of the coroner.

In Hudson And Rex, Mayko Nguyen plays Sarah Truong.

Mayko is better known to the general public for playing Dr. Sarah Truong in the television series Hudson and Rex. Her performance was applauded by many people all over the world.

She is presented in the series as Charlie’s wife and the chief of forensics for the St. Johns Police Department. In the episode The Hunt, she made her acting debut on Hudson and Rex.

It is a TV show with Kommissar Rex as its main character, and it tells the tale of detectives and police operations.

Had experience working with the Ashmore brothers

The Ashmore Brothers are Canadian actors who are identical twins. Famous actors Shawn Ashmore and Aaron Ashmore are most recognized for their roles as Jimmy Olsen from Smallville and Iceman from the X-men series, respectively.

They’ve both worked together with Nguyen. She acted alongside Shawn Ashmore in the 2010 TV miniseries Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures. Additionally, she appeared in the TV series Killjoys with Aaron Ashmore (2015–2019).

Favors Sheep

Nguyen has a soft spot in his heart for animals and is an animal lover. She likes sheep, and she has taken a lot of photos of them, according to her Instagram. Some of the images were also released by her on Instagram.

She had no clue that sheep would be so beautiful and docile until they were employed in the movie. She now adores lambs.

Recognition And Nominations

Nguyen, the actress from Hudson and Rex, has not yet won any prizes. She has been nominated for five prizes, a testament to her commitment and hard work.

She has received four Gemini Award nominations and one ACTRA Toronto Award nomination. There are still opportunities for her to win an award because she is still working as an actor.

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Nguyen’s Outward Appearance

The ReGenesis actress is a tall woman, standing at 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) tall and maintaining a weight of about 62 kilograms (136 lbs). She has a 34-inch chest and a thin build. The actress has not yet disclosed any other physical characteristics.

The stunning actress also has deep, genuine black eyes and silky, shading hair. Her facial features are unusual.

Social media presence

Nguyen has activated her accounts on significant social media networks like Instagram and Twitter despite not being a particularly outgoing or comfortable person in social situations.

@maykoguyen is the handle of her Instagram account, where she has amassed more than 5k followers. She has shared both personal and professional events on social media.

Nguyen uses the Twitter handle @maykohaixep, which has more than a thousand followers, to tweet, retweet, and share articles.