Omono Okojie

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Facts of Omono Okojie

Full NameOmono Okojie
Date of Birth1998/3/9
Birth CountryNigeria
Birth PlaceLagos

Nigerian actress Omono Okojie is well-known for portraying Cleo Sowande in the popular series Legacies. She enjoys praise for her outstanding acting abilities.

On March 9, 1988, Okaije blessed her parents by coming to Lagos, Nigeria. She made the decision to become an actress at a very young age because she was reared in a home where she was constantly exposed to the rich culture of the arts.

How much is the net worth of Omono Okojie?

Omono Okojie’s estimated net worth is estimated to be $150 000 dollars. Despite having such a significant sum, she maintains a respectable standard of living.

Her acting career is her main source of income. She has appeared in several different legacies. Okojie has accumulated a sizable sum of money in her bank account thanks to her work on successful projects including Tree of Peace, West of Hell, and The Entertainers.

Additionally, she has earned some recognition as a writer and makes a good living from it. She has also given the Icarus sound her support.

Living by Oneself

Omono Okojie is not currently involved in a relationship and has not shown any indication that she would like to. She is content with her single status and is just concerned with advancing her job.

Okojie hasn’t yet made her love interest public. She has not shared any images of the other gender, which could indicate a romantic interest.

She has, however, expressed her affection for British actor Joseph Quinn in an interview.

Given the name of her grandfather

Her initial name, Omono, was found to mean A child is a child in her native tongue. Her grandfather also went by this name, and she was given his name.

When her mother was expecting her, her family wished for a boy; as a result, Okojie was given the name Omono Okojie.

She learned to write from her parents.

When it comes to discussing her personal life, Okojie is a very private person. She stays as far away from it as she can. Consequently, her parents’ real names are kept a secret. Her parents’ professions as journalists are known, nevertheless.

Being raised by a journalist, she too developed a passion for writing. Her genes had given her the ability to write. Okojie has earned some writing accolades.

Omono Okojie Has Attractive Face

Omono looks excellent in every shoot and has a terrific sense of photography. In the photographs, she strikes a model-like position and exhibits the ideal attitude and expression.

Omono Okojie looks like a model.
Source: Instagram @omono.Okojie

Her appearance in the photo is further enhanced by the usage of props, her sense of style, and her clothing choices. She frequently strikes striking positions in the photos on her Instagram.

Has a Physical Activity Component

Okojie, an actress most known for her role in West of Hell, enjoys maintaining physical fitness and engages in numerous physical sports. She also has an extremely flexible body.

Okojie demonstrated her commitment to preserving her figure by posting a photo of herself dancing and stretching with rings.

posed for a photo while dressed as one of her quarantined foods.

Okojie didn’t just sit in the isolation chamber and kill herself out of boredom. She was busy dressing up as her munchies and sharing the photos on Instagram as many people binge-watched various episodes.

Omono Okojie dressed up as Lays which was one of her snacks during the quarantine days.
Source: Instagram @omono.Okojie

She donned costumes that resembled Lays, Kings Hawaiian bread, and KitKat. Her fans enjoyed all of the images and praised her for her originality.

began as a dancer

Like the majority of actresses, Okojie didn’t declare herself to be a theatre artist before entering the entertainment industry. She began her career as a dancer.

Everyone who has followed her on Twitter and Instagram is aware of her dance abilities. She moves with strength and flexibility. Later, she switched from dancing to acting. She hasn’t stopped dancing, though.

playing the guitar

Omono Okojie playing the guitar.
Source: Instagram @Source: Instagram @omono.Okojie

It appears that Okojie enjoys playing the guitar because she frequently posts photos of herself holding one on social media.

The actress hasn’t explicitly stated that she enjoys music, but her Instagram photographs indicate that she does.

Okojie Is Aware Of The Value Of Financial Literacy

Because most people lack financial literacy, they frequently struggle while trying to save and earn money. The Legacies actress Okojie is aware of this.

She thinks that everyone should place a high priority on financial knowledge. Omono sent a number of tweets about the value of financial knowledge in January 2022.

As Chloe Sowande Leaves Behind

Omono gave a noteworthy performance as Cleo Sowande in seasons three and four of the fantasy drama television series “Legacies” (between 2021 to 2022).

She was a recurring character before season 4 gave her a prominent role. After being freed from the artifact, she enrolled at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, where she met Hope Mikaelson.

Movies and TV Series Starring Omono Okojie

Omono made her acting debut in the short film “Accents for Actors,” which was directed by Tyler Wolfe and Elaine Loh, in 2014.

The drama movie Gook, which also starred Simone Barker, Justin Chon, and Curtiss Cook Jr., gave her a minor role as Regina. In Michael Steves’ 2018 film “West of Hell,” she played Clara Whitfield in a supporting role.

Omono was cast by director Alexander Kaminer in the lead role of Judy in the comedy “Lift” that same year, where she appeared with Lily D. Moore and Ilia Volok. Her next important part, which propelled her to recognition, was in the Netflix film “Trees of Peace.”

Omono just agreed to be in the upcoming movie “The Entertainers” by Christopher High, which also stars Monica Baker, Nick Zephyrin, Eshan Misra, and other actors.

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Okojie’s Outward Appearance

The Nigerian actress Okojie is tall, standing at 5 feet, 4 inches, or 162 centimeters. She has kept her weight steady at about 56 kg (123 pounds).

Her beautiful brown hair and lovely dark brown eyes are both features. Her snub nose, dimpled cheekbones, and full lips make her stand out.

Social Media Presence

The Legacies actress Okojie is available on major social media platforms. She often posts on those platforms about her professional life. She tries to hide her personal life as much as she can.

Her Instagram account is @omono.Okojie in which more than 33k people have followed her. She has posted beautiful pictures of herself. Her creativity and photographic concept are well-appreciated by the people.

Likewise, she is equally active on her Twitter. She tweets and retweets on various topics under the username @OmonoOkojie.She have retweeted several political tweets, one showing her support for Kentanji Brown Jackson being sworn into the Supreme Court. Okojie has more than 9k followers which is comparatively lesser than that of her Instagram. She does not seem to be using Facebook.

In addition to this, Okojie also has posted a lot of videos on her Tiktok account which is @omono.Okojie which has accumulated followers of around 5k.