Philipp Dettmer

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The CEO and creator of the YouTube channel Kurzgesagt- in a Nutshell, Philipp Dettmer, is better known by his title. He is a well-known YouTube personality who has had a sizable impact and contributed significantly to the entertainment sector as well. Philipp ought to be introduced as an actor, producer, director, and renowned scientific and art movie maker who introduced a novel idea of art and science to the age of cinema.

Philipp Dettmer has received a lot of praise for his positions as a successful movie director and YouTube content provider of science and educational videos. He has contributed to a number of different projects, including Die Arbeit Warten, Backstreet Boys: 2015, Night session, Summer Break, and others.

How was the early years of Philipp Dettmer?

Philipp Dettmer is a private person who dislikes being in the spotlight due to his secretive personality. We just have a limited amount of information about him as a result. Philipp Dettmer was born in Munich, Germany, in 1978, nevertheless. Although he is of German descent, nobody is certain of his race.

Philipp Dettmer, 2022

He also finished his basic education in a nearby German school and went on to study at Munich University of Applied Science. In 2013, Philipp earned his Arts and Science bachelor’s degree.

How much is the net worth of Philipp Dettmer?

Philipp Dettmer launched his YouTube channel in 2013 and currently has over 15 million subscribers. He used to make between $8.5K and $136.8K per month and $102.6K to $1.6M annually with his Kurzgesagt- In a Nutshell team. Therefore, Philipp Dettmer’s estimated Net Worth as of 2022 is roughly $7.51 million.

How did Philipp Dettmer began his career?

In June 2010, Philipp Dettmer launched his career as the creator of Munich-based Philipp Dettmer Information Design. Up until 2013, he kept working on his information design company that he started. Then, in August of the following year, Philipp launched his own YouTube channel with the moniker Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell.

By using his information designs, Philipp wanted to use the channel to promote knowledge and education. He has the self-assurance to express his ideas, and his easy-to-use designs may be used for infographics and are universally understandable.


Work in Film

He eventually made the decision to work in the entertainment industry after the viewers responded favorably and with success. He mentioned the best ways to promote education through his acting, producing, directing, and art directing roles in her films as a result.

For his roles in films like Night Session (2015), Summer Break (2015), Revolution (2014), Claudiu and the Fish (2011), Loveland (2011), Mystery cache (2011), Wallets (2007), and many others, he has received credits and accolades.

Recognition & Achievements

For his films, Philipp Dettmer has garnered numerous nominations and awards. In 2013, he was nominated and won the Best Debut prize at the Biberach Film Festival for his part in the motion picture “Mystery Cache.” In a similar vein, he was nominated for the European Civis Online Media Prize for his web videos again in 2016.

Philipp Dettmer, The man behind Kurzgesagt- in a Nutshell.
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Controversial Videos and Criticism of Philipp Dettmer

Phillips Dettmer, the creator of the Kurzgesagt- In a Nutshell YouTube channel, has come under fire for his two contentious videos. The videos, which dealt with the refugee crisis and addiction, were among his most popular and well-liked ones. He came under fire because some people acknowledged and thought the videos about the refugee crisis were harmful and offensive to many people.

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Philipp’s “Addiction” video, on the other hand, has drawn flak for providing less information on psychological and mental health. The Kurzgesagt-In a Nutshell team later severed all ties to the videos in March 2019 due to the popularity and high viewership of both.

Is Philipp Dettmer a social media user?

With the username “Kurzgesagt- In a Nutshell,” Philipp runs a popular YouTube channel with a sizable fan base. Philipp has about 364K Instagram followers and 364.4K Twitter followers under the handle @Kurz Gesagt. Using the username @kurz gesagt on Reddit, he has 44,159 followers and karma. He also has 15.2 Million subscribers on his main YouTube channel.