Robert Biden II

Facts of Robert Biden II

Full NameRobert Biden II
Date of Birth2006/3/10
Birth CountryUnited States
Birth PlaceUnited States
Father NameBeau Biden
Mother NameHallie Biden
Grand Father NameJoan Olivere
Grand Mother NameNeilia Hunter Biden

Robert Biden II: Who is he? He is one of the Joe Biden family’s youngest members. He certainly is. And he is the second child of Hallie Biden, the late wife of the late American politician and attorney Beau Biden III. During the recent 2020 presidential election, the 14-year-old Biden and his five siblings gained notoriety.

At the 2020 Democratic National Convention, he was saying the pledge of allegiance alongside his sister and cousins. Joe, a former vice president, is running for president, and his grandchildren have gained attention. Today’s article will tell us more about this young guy.

How much is the net worth of Robert Biden II?

It is no secret that young Robert is growing up in luxury despite still being a child. How? Well, that should be clear. It’s because he’s a member of the Biden clan.

Joe, Robert’s grandfather, is a wealthy and the 2020 presidential candidate. His impressive net worth is $9 million. The Bidens made $16 million between 2017 and 2019, primarily from book royalties and paid speaking engagements, claims Business Insider.

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The lone child of the late Beau Biden is Robert Biden II.

On March 10, 2006, Robert Biden II was welcomed into the world by his late father, Beau Biden, and his better half, Hallie. Robert Hunter Biden is the uncle of the 15-year-old Biden.

Robert’s parents also had a stunning daughter named Natalie Biden. She turned 17 this year and was born on August 4, 2004. Young Robert is therefore fortunate to have an older sister in his family.

Robert Biden II with his late father Beau, mother, Haille, and sister, Natalie.
Photo Source: Blog Lovin

Robert has three older siblings, all save Natalie. We’re referring to Finnegan, Naomi, and Maisy Biden, his cousins. They are Hunter Biden’s daughters, whom he had with his ex-wife, Kathleen Biden.

Robert doesn’t even have a social media account since he tries to avoid the spotlight. He nevertheless arrived while repeating the DNC version of the Pledge of Allegiance. He was in fact one of the five grandkids who cheered on his grandfather Joe Biden during the election.

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There are two younger siblings in Robert Biden II’s family.

Many people might be unaware that Robert Biden II has two younger siblings. Hunter Biden, his uncle, is the father of both of them.

Robert with his grandpa, Joe Biden.
Photo Source: NPR

Hunter has more than three daughters—you did read it correctly. In 2018, he legally and biologically adopted a child, although initially denying that it was his, as stated by Harper Bazaar. After that, in March 2020, he married Melissa Cohen, growing his family. A lovely and healthy boy was born to the couple.

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