Sammi Haney

On the Netflix series Raising Dion, where she played the spunky kid who used a wheelchair named Esperanza, Sammi Haney garnered a lot of admiration and love from her fans for her outstanding performance. Her own t-shirt business, DisabilityShirts, which strives to produce themed clothing for disabled people, has already begun to sell its products.

Sammi has experienced prejudice and feelings of being different from others since she was a little child due to her birth defect. But because of her parents’ assistance, the girl was never left on her own. She currently has millions of fans and more than 46.2K followers on Instagram. From her biography, let’s learn more about her uplifting tale:

When was Sammi Haney born?

Somewhere in the United States of America, Sammi Haney was born on August 25, 2010. She is currently 11 years old, has American citizenship, and is of unclear ethnicity. The infant Haney was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta type 3, an uncommon condition. As a result, her bones were already broken and useless when she was born.

Raising Dion Actress Sammi Haney in 2021

The girl’s original parents, Priscilla and Matt Haney, reared her as a disabled child with love, care, and support. They were the ones who actually had the biggest influence on Sammi’s upbringing. Additionally, they attended to her quality of life while ignoring her impairment.

What academic credentials does Sammi possess?

Sammi, who is only 11 years old, is a gifted and modest young lady. Her parents don’t provide specific details regarding her education. She must, however, have attended home and is now finishing her education there.

How Did Sammi Haney Become Popular?

Sammi possesses a very determined and autonomous personality. By submitting an audition and being chosen for Netflix’s Raising Dion, she turned the burden of her infirmity into a blessing. In the movie Raising Dion, she played Esperanza, Dion’s best friend. Similar way, Matt, who played her father in the episode, helped her throughout. In 2019, she also made an appearance on The Ellen Show, where she discussed her experiences and challenges while working on The Raising Dion.

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Sammi also started her own T-shirt business under the name DisabilityShirts. Together with her parents, she made this accessible to those who were born with handicap. One can also browse her official website and use the coupon code she provides to save money on every purchase. Additionally, Haney’s father also designs clothes for her online clothing store.

Can Sammi Haney Walk?

Sammi suffers from type 3 severe osteogenesis, the most severe form of the condition that causes brittle bones. She had 19 detectable bone fractures at birth, and when she was two, she began having surgeries. She also needs rods implanted into her arms and legs, which requires annual trips to the doctor and the operating room.

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The young Sammi is still extremely susceptible, and every time she sneezes, her body must experience excruciating pain. The main superhero in her life is her mother. Along with her sister Sarah and brother John, she taught them all at home. Sammi is unable to walk due to her disability, so she uses a wheelchair.

Is Sammi alive or dead?

Sammi Haney is a disabled 11-year-old. She is still alive and working to make things better for her and her parents. Her fans were concerned for her after a social media rumor about her obituary went viral. Because of this, our sources determined that Sammi is still alive and is currently leading a respectable life in the USA with her parents and siblings.

Is Sammi a social media user?

Sammi uses social media extensively. Despite the fact that her parents manage her social media, she now has over 3,000 followers on Twitter under the handle @SammiHaneySassy. The girl has over 3.6K followers on Facebook and over 46.2K followers on Instagram under the handles “@sammi.haney” and “@Sammi Haney’s,” respectively. Additionally, Haney is active on YouTube, where her channel, “@Sammi Haney,” has 27.8K subscribers.

What is Sammi Haney’s net worth?

When it comes to Sammi’s earnings and revenue, her clothing line and TV program both bring in a respectable sum. Sammi Haney’s net worth as of 2021 was determined using a variety of web sources and statistics. Additionally, she generates thousands of dollars in revenue through her online disabilityshirts store.