Sharron Melton

Being a journalist is both difficult and challenging because it is responsible for presenting the public with reliable information. Sharron Melton is the epitome of a strong woman who has dedicated herself to the industry for over two decades. At KIAH-TV, the broadcast journalist is currently the news anchor and co-host of the morning show. Furthermore, her introduction would be incomplete if she did not include her Emmy nomination. So, today we bring you closer to Sharron Melton’s personal life, financial worth, and work data.

What is the Net Worth of Sharron Melton?

When it comes to money, Sharron Melton has nothing to worry about because her twenty-year career in journalism has ensured that she has amassed a sizable fortune. As of 2022, she has amassed a stunning net worth of $500,000. Melton lives a luxury lifestyle as a result of his high income and looks forward to facing the challenges that each day presents. ‘Loving’ Life and what each day has in store, according to her Facebook bio. I can’t stop now; I’ve only just begun!’

Sharron Melton owns a net worth of $500,000. Source: Facebook

Melton’s massive net worth isn’t the consequence of a few years of hard labor, but of decades of putting in tremendous hours. In terms of money, Sharron Melton earns $38,647 per year, which is the average salary for a news anchor in the United States. Many people assume she earns a lot of money because she is one of the major anchors at Houston’s KIAH-TV.

Journalist Sharron Melton’s Career

It wasn’t easy to land a secure employment at KIAH-TV. Sharron Melton has previously worked as a television anchor in Miami, Mobile, Alabama, Roswell, and New Mexico, where she gained valuable expertise. ‘Sharing the Sugar with Sharron,’ a YouTube and podcast show, is also her host and executive producer. She interviews a number of folks on the podcast about giving back to society.

Sharron Melton is a television anchor at KIAH-TV. Source: Facebook

Melton began her career in May 1998, when she joined WPMI TV as the 5 p.m. anchor. She spent a few years as a lecturer at the University of South Alabama before returning to reporting for WSVN-TV. As she also worked for ABC News for a while before joining Vocal Wish, LLC as a media and community relations professional. She recommended individuals and businesses to get their ideas and events covered by the media and exposed to their communities at the latter.

Melton was named to Houston’s Woman’s magazine’s list of the 50 Most Influential Women in the City of Houston because of her extensive expertise.

Personal and Early Life of Sharron Melton

Sharron Melton is outspoken about current events, yet she keeps her personal life private. As a result, there’s no way of knowing whether she’s single, dating, or married. Melton used to compete in beauty pageants as a teenager to raise money for college scholarships. She went on to win Miss New Mexico and Miss America. She joined the Girl Scouts as a child, and it was then that she began personally contributing back to society. Sharron became a member of the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto board of directors several years later.

Melton graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication. Similarly, she graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with a master’s degree in television communication. When it comes to her interests, she enjoys dancing and used to do it in high school. Surprisingly, she was picked to participate on a dancing tour that took her to Finland, Russia, and Sweden. In her spare time, Melton enjoys singing and viewing science fiction and action films.

Facts of Sharron Melton

Full NameSharron Melton
Sexual OrientationStraight


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