Suzy Berhow

A well-known gamer, YouTuber, and social media influencer is Suzy Berhow. She started off as a makeup expert on YouTube. However, she started to get more interested in games. Suzy is primarily known online as “Mortem3r.” The “Game Grumps” channel, which is her second channel, has about 5 million subscribers.

Suzy and Arin have a romantic relationship. In October 2013, the couple exchanged wedding vows. Continue reading to learn more about them as individuals.

How was the early years of Suzy Berhow?

Suzy Berhow, who is currently 32 years old, entered the world on July 3, 1989. She was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. She was born in July, under the sign of Cancer. Likewise, she goes by Suzanne “Suzy” Berhow in real life. The well-known gamer is of American descent, and her ethnicity is a mixture of White, Black, and Asian.

Suzy Berhow is mainly recognized by her online name Mortem3r

When talking about her family, Suzy had five siblings growing up. Jean, Suzy’s identical twin sister, is also a lookalike. Likewise, Jean is 15 seconds older than Suzy. Jean, sometimes known as Jean Bug, has a lively YouTube account. Her other siblings are Charlie, Matt, Joey, and Ginger. Suzy’s parents’ exact circumstances are still a mystery.

The only thing we know about her academic background is that she attended a local school. Sadly, nothing about her high school or university is available online.

Occupational Life

Regarding Suzy’s professional background, she primarily creates YouTube videos. She is well-known for being essential to the viral video game Game Grumps. She is also active on the “Mortem3r” and “Kitty Kat gaming” channels in addition to this. Suzy launched her YouTube account in 2012.

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Channels on Youtube

Suzy currently owns three YouTube channels. “Mortem3r” is her first channel. This channel features fashion blogging and makeup tutorial videos. Suzy reviews several “Birch Box” subscription packages on a monthly basis. Again, in some of her videos, Arin, her husband, and their pets are seen.

The channel after hers is called “Meeperfish.” Here, Suzy creates kid-friendly shows with voiceovers typically provided by Arin. However, there haven’t been any updates to this channel since 2013. So it appears that the duo has temporarily left the animated program.

Her third channel also goes by the name “KittyKatGaming.” It is a channel connected to Game Grumps. Suzy is also frequently acknowledged for supporting Arin’s children’s shows.

Suzy actively takes part in campaigns to raise awareness about mental health. Likewise, Suzy Berhow revealed in a video she made on depression for awareness purposes that she suffered from depression while she was a teenager.

What is the relationships status of Suzy Berhow?

Beautiful gamer Suzy Berhow is already married. Together with her longtime partner, Arin Hanson, she exchanged vows. They previously dated for eleven years. The couple was hitched on October 24, 2013. They met in an animation program, according to the sources, and have been dating since 2002. Additionally, the couple like cats. Mimi, Otto, and Mochi are the three cats that Suzy and Arin are the parents to.

Suzy Berhow with her husband Arin Hanson

On social media

Suzy Berhow joined Twitter in 2009 and currently has more than 400K followers, according to a discussion of her online personas. She is well-known to @Mort3mer. Her Instagram account @mortemer contains 4,476 posts in a similar vein. She also has a 406k-strong follower base on her Instagram account.

Similar to this, Suzy launched her “Mortem3r” YouTube account in 2012. More than 296K people subscribe to this channel. Similar to this, “KittyKatGaming,” her other channel, has about 341K followers.

How much is the net worth of Suzy Berhow?

Regarding her entire assets, no information is provided. Nevertheless, The Game Grumps are estimated to be worth $15 million. We might therefore conclude that Suzy Berhow receives some income from her multiple YouTube channels.

Suzy Berhow with her cat

Body Dimensions

Suzy Berhow is about 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her weight, chest size, hip measurements, dress size, shoe number, and other body assessment information are not available, though. Suzy has similar features, with hazel eyes and brown hair that she frequently dyes blonde.

Suzy Berhow appeared quite healthy and fit, but over the past few years, she has put on a lot of weight. Her thyroid issue, according to the sources, caused a significant weight change.