Taylor Skeens

Whether we like it or not, TikTok has had a significant impact on consumption and pop culture recently. Many normal people have been elevated to prominence thanks to it. One such social media figure that gained notoriety solely through TikTok is Taylor Skeens.

Taylor Skeens, 28, now has a sizable following outside of TikTok. She regularly uploads vlogs to her well-liked YouTube account. We’ll examine her life in detail today and try to address the majority of the frequently asked questions about her on the internet.

How was the early age of Taylor Skeens?

The endearing social media sensation was born on August 31, 1993, in Virginia, a US state in the south. She is the middle child of Shell Scott Mcclanahan and Brenda Blankenship. Similarly, Taylor has said that Holly Branham, her younger sister, inspired her to join social media.

Taylor Skeens was hugely popular on Musical.ly

Taylor Skeens was raised in the Virginian village of Hurley in Buchanan County. In a number of vlogs that she uploaded to her YouTube site, she claimed that she was raised in a hostile atmosphere. Chastity and Holly, her two sisters, are both very close to her.


Taylor went to Grundy High School when he was younger. She was teased and briefly suspended from school because of her odd behavior and slender physique. She enrolled in King University in Tennessee’s Bachelor of Business Management program in 2014.


Taylor’s social media career has received extensive coverage, largely thanks to her vlogs. When she was a senior in high school, she joined Facebook in 2010. But when she joined Twitter in 2011, she would start on the path to stardom.

Taylor transferred her success into YouTube

Through Twitter, she found the app Musical.ly. Likewise, she detested it at first but gradually grew fascinated. She would find her sizable following on Musical.ly.

She moved over to TikTok after the app was acquired and integrated there. Her enormous TikTok following aided her transition to other social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Success on YouTube

In 2013, Taylor attempted to translate her fame on the video-sharing website Musical.ly to YouTube. However, the earliest video was only posted in 2015. She eventually experienced enormous popularity on YouTube as well, and now she has two channels.

Just 1,000 subscribers separate “Taylor Skeens” from reaching a million subscribers. On it, she publishes amusing and lighthearted material. Most of her well-liked videos have well over a million views.

However, “Taylor Skeens Vlogs,” her second channel, was cuter. She previously shared brief vlogs on her daily activities, quick travels to her apartments, and positive stuff. Sadly, it appears that channel is less active as the most recent video she released was nearly five years ago.

Success on TikTok

Taylor’s popularity has increased the most on TikTok. With 2.2 million followers and 74.4 million likes, she has a sizable fan base. Many of her videos have 500k or more views, and some have even over 1 million. She was able to secure brand endorsements thanks to TikTok’s fame.

How is the personal life of Taylor Skeens?

Possibly the most significant moment in Taylor’s life and the one that shaped who she is now. At the age of 22, Taylor Skeens got hitched on May 16th, 2015. Gregory, her then-boyfriend, and she got married.

She has publicly discussed the unhappy fact that her marriage didn’t continue long enough in her vlogs. Her husband and in-laws were authoritarian and did not offer much encouragement to her then-emerging job. Gregory was in the army as well, so their marriage wasn’t a smooth one.

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What is the relationship status of Taylor Skeens?

She then began dating Angel Flores, a native of Albuquerque. He appeared frequently on her vlogs. Sadly, despite having what seemed to be great chemistry, they split up. Taylor said that because of her travels, she and Angel weren’t spending enough time together in a recent vlog that was posted four months ago. They must therefore part ways as a result.

Taylor Skeens with her boyfriend, Jesse Orion

She and Jesse Orion have been dating since March 2021. The couple appears content with their union. New Mexico’s Albuquerque is where Jesse also resides.

on social media

Naturally, Taylor is highly active on social media. She has 167k followers on her Instagram account @bright.eyesss. She also has 2.2 million followers on TikTok and goes by the same name, bright eyes.

Similarly, she gained the most enduring fame thanks to YouTube. She currently has 999k subscribers to her primary YouTube account. Her videos consistently do well and receive over 100,000 views on a regular basis.

How much is the net worth of Taylor Skeens?

The model has gained enormous notoriety thanks to her social media accounts. However, Tayor has also made a stunning sum of money in addition to earning her name. According to views and engaged subscribers, YouTube pays. She has close to one million fans. She would make an average of $60,000 a year with that many followers.

Ads are another way that YouTube makes money. A 500k views video with advertisements typically earns roughly $10,000. Her most popular videos earn more than that.

Instagram and TikTok revenue

Instagram only pays recognized artists per post. Taylor, who earns hundreds of dollars every post, is seen constantly marketing underwear from companies like Lingerie Intimate.

She has undoubtedly gained fame and wealth thanks to her enormous fanbase. Her net worth is estimated to be $300,000. As she hinted that we would soon be able to watch her on Netflix, this could skyrocket.