Trey Budden

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One naturally lives in the spotlight from the moment they are born if they are a famous child. Trey Budden, the popular rapper and Love & Hip Hop: New York cast member Joe Budden’s son, is in the same situation.

Trey is a professional rapper who has continued his father’s legacy. The reality program Love and Hip Hop: New York included him as well. Despite being only 19, he has already established himself in the field.

How was the early years of Trey Budden?

On May 11, 2001, in Jersey City, New Jersey, in the United States, Trey Budden was born. His parents are Joe Budden, the father, and Angela, the mother (Angie). His mother’s identity is largely unknown, although his father Joe is a professional rapper who has been on the series Love & Hip Hop: New York.

Trey with his father Joe Budden

Trey’s mother raised him after his parents reportedly split up after his birth. Trey is a black American who is an African-American by nationality. In addition, he is a Taurus in May. Although Budden lacks biological siblings, his father’s relationship with Cyn Santana gave birth to Lexington Budden, who is Budden’s stepbrother.

How much is the net worth of Trey Budden?

Except for being a celebrity child, Trey Budden has established himself as a prominent rapper in the field. He is thought to be worth between $1 and $5 million. The celebrity child primarily makes money from his music career and television appearances. In a similar vein, Joe Budden, his father, is thought to be worth about $6 million.

How did Trey Budden began his career?

On the television program Love & Hip Hop: New York, every member of the Budden family has made an appearance. In addition to being referred to as Joe Budden’s Son, Trey also became a rapper like his father. According to some sources, he joined Broadway.

He also made an appearance on Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn on VH1, where he discussed his relationship with his father. He and his relationship with Joe were analyzed by Dr. Jenn. They discussed how, for the majority of his life, his father was not there for him.

Caption:Trey Budden

Trey is only 19 years old and hasn’t yet demonstrated all of his talent as a rapper and performer. He’s only recently entered the field, though, and his songs include Hold Me Down, No Negotiations, Game Plan, and Dearly Deceased. The “trendsetter” music video by Trey has just been published. We anticipate him releasing more music soon and seeing a significant increase in admirers.

How is the individual life of Trey Budden?

Public knowledge of the young rapper’s dating past is currently nonexistent. He currently appears to be single and has no plans to find a girlfriend. Because he is Joe’s son, he is frequently the focus of rumors.

Relationship between Father Joe Budden and Trey

The father and son pair do not get along well with one another and have their disagreements. Even a diss track for his father was released by him, explaining their tense relationship. Trey was thoughtful enough to inform his father about the song before he learned about him from another source. Considering how Joe tweeted about him following the diss track, it appears that everything is well.


Is Trey Budden a social media user?

Social networking is also used by this young artist. More than 29.1k people follow his personal Instagram account @treybudden. There are only 3 posts in his account, thus it appears he is not interested in writing frequently. In a similar vein, his @treybudden1 Twitter account has 3000 followers and 195 tweets.

Trey’s Twitter account

What is the height and weight of Trey Budden?

Regarding his physical characteristics, Trey Budden is a celebrity child that is 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters) tall and has an unknown weight as of right now. With black hair and lovely brown eyes, Trey is quite attractive.

Additionally, he has a dark skin tone and a strong build. Trey still has the ability to increase in height and his physical characteristics could change given that he is only 20 years old.