Valerie C Robinson

Who is Valerie C. Robinson?

In the United States, Valerie C. Robinson is a well-known entertainer. In addition, most people know her as the wife of Michael Duke Schoeffling, a well-known American former entertainer and male model. He is best recognized for his parts in Mermaids, Sixteen Candles, and Vision Journey as Joe, Jake Ryan, and Kuch.

What is Robinson’s age?

Actresses from a Variety of Films Robinson is an American who lives in a multicultural community. She was supposed to be raised by American guardians in the United States of America.

Who is Valerie married to?

She is a married woman, according to her own life. Valerie C Robinson is married to Michael Schoeffling, a former entertainer and model from the United States. The lovely pair praises their private wedding function in front of their closest and dearest loved ones.

The couple, together with his better half, brought their two children. Their baby’s name is Zane Schoneffling, and their older sister’s name is Scarlet Schoneffling. According to sources, the happy pair intends to teach his daughter Zara how to demonstrate.

Similarly, Michael is instilling all of her daughter’s best styles and professional qualities from an early age. Valerie and her partner are currently having a nice life together, and they enjoy hobnobbing. To conclude, the family spends a lot of time together on vacations and family outings to nicer places.

What is Valerie C’s net worth?

Valerie C. Robinson and her significant other are estimated to have a combined net worth of about $500,000 in the United States of America. Her career has afforded her a comfortable lifestyle. Likewise, her significant other is also a former wrestler who has won multiple national and international honors.

Similarly, her significant other won a gold medal in freestyle wrestling for the United States and was awarded a cash prize of $250,000. The duo appears to be having a great time together.

Robinson’s Professional Background

In terms of her career, she had her movie debut as Terri in the 1977 television film Having Children II, in which she played a supporting role.
Valerie C Robinson also made an appearance in the 1982 television film One Shoe Makes It Murder.
She also appeared in the film Over the Brooklyn Extension as Style Center Magnificence.
Whereas, Michael catapulted to international notoriety at the age of 23 for his role as Jake Ryan, which he played in the film Jake Ryan.

Furthermore, Molly Ringwald’s character in the high school film Sixteen Candles has a pulverize on a famous but contentious secondary school competition.
Furthermore, twenty years after the debut of the American picture, in the year 2014, on Valentine’s Day.
Moreover, Schoeffling starred in eight more films after Sixteen Candles, including roles in Vision Quest and Mermaids. Robinson has also been on the television series Lottery.

Not only that, but she was also cast in a minor role in the film Patty Hearst.
In the year 2018, she played Frances Ledbetter in Dreadful.
Valerie Craftsman Bernstein was also misidentified for Robinson.

Facts of Valerie C. Robinson

Full Name:Valerie Carpenter Robinson aka  Valerie Carpenter Bernstein
Birth Place:United States of America
Height:5 feet 5 inches
Spouse:Michael Schoeffling
Marital Status:Married
Profession: American Former Actress
Children: Zane Schoeffling and Scarlet Schoeffling

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