Victoria Scott D’Angelo

Facts of Victoria Scott D’Angelo

Full Name:Victoria Scott D’Angelo
Country:United States
HusbandChuck Yeager (m. 2003–2020)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown
EducationUniversity of Virginia, Columbia University

Victoria Scott D’Angelo gained notoriety in 1985 for her role in the movie Witness. However, she has more fame as Chuck Yeager’s celebrity wife since August 2003.

How old is Victoria Scott D’Angelo?

Victoria Scott D’Angelo was born in 1957, making her age as of right now 63. She was born into wealth and grew up there. Her mother was a social worker, while her father was an attorney. Parents of Victoria were Philadelphia natives. Victoria is a mixed-race American with a nationality.

In the year 1980, she graduated from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia, with a degree in theater. The next year, 1985, she graduated from Columbia University in New York City with a degree in business.

What about Victoria’s Married Life with Chuck Yeager?

Well, Victoria and Yeager’s love tale began when they crossed paths on a Nevada County hiking trail. They quickly began dating after that. The couple chose to get married after having dated for a while.

Caption: Victoria Scott D’Angelo with her late husband Chuck (Photo: Flickriver)

She and her spouse Chuck Yeager exchanged wedding vows in the year 2003. Yeager was 80 years old when Victoria and him got married, and Victoria was 45 years old. The pair never had children during their marriage. Until her spouse passed away, they had a happy marriage.

What is Victoria and Yeager’s Child Controversy?

A contentious argument developed between Yeager, his kids, and D’Angelo as their relationship began. Then Yeager’s children claimed that D’Angelo had married him in order to inherit his wealth. Both parties disputed the accusation. Once more, D’Angelo was accused by Yeager’s children of exerting “undue influence.”

Caption: Victoria Scott D’Angelo with her late husband Chuck (Photo: HITC)

Chuck then claimed that his kids had stolen millions of dollars from his holdings. Yeager won the case after the California Court of Appeal determined that his daughter Susan had violated her trustee duties in August 2008. They discovered that his daughter had fraudulently taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from his accounts.



When did Chuck’s first wife died?

Glennis Yeager, Chuck Yeager’s first wife, was his wife from 1945 until her passing in 1990. In addition, he gave his plane Glennis’ name as a lucky charm.”Hon, you’re my lucky charm. Any aircraft I name in your honor always takes me home.

Caption: Victoria Scott D’Angelo’s late husband Chuck with his first wife (Photo: Wikibious)

After he left the Air Force in 1975, he and his wife Glennis relocated to Grass Valley, California. Yeager’s best-selling memoirs, speaking engagements, and business initiatives were the main reasons why the pair was successful. Sadly, after the passing of his wife Glennis Yeager, their relationship came to an end in 1990. Ovarian cancer was the reason of his wife’s death. They had four children as a result of their relationship: Susan Yeager, Don Yeager, Mickey Yeager, and Sharon Yeager.

What Caused the Death of Victoria Scott D’Angelo’s Husband?

Yeager, Victoria’s husband, passed away that evening, December 7, 2020, at the age of 97. In a Los Angeles hospital, he passed away. The couple resided in Northern California prior to his passing. On Monday night, Victoria told CNN that her husband Yeager had passed away.

Caption: Victoria Scott D’Angelo with her late husband Chuck Yeager (Photo: Legacy)

Then she announced the passing of the World War II flying ace through Twitter using Yeager’s verified account.”America’s best pilot, an extraordinary life well lived,”

She later added“Fr @VictoriaYeage11I must inform you with great sadness that General Chuck Yeager, the love of my life, passed away just before 9 p.m. ET. America’s finest Pilot, an amazing life well lived, and a legacy of bravery, adventure, and patriotism will live on forever.

How much is Victoria Scott D’Angelo Husband Net Worth?

There is no doubt that Victoria Scott D’Angelo has amassed a respectable net worth. Additionally, she has made a good living as an actress. She is undoubtedly spending lavishly from her money.However, at the time of his passing, her late husband Chuck Yeager had a net worth of $1.5 million. She might have therefore received her entire late husband’s estate.


Caption: Victoria Scott D’Angelo posing for a picture (Photo: whos dated who)
  • The actress Victoria happened to stumble across her first position.
  • While waiting for a train, she noticed a filming crew that just so happened to be shooting the Harrison Ford movie “Witness.”
  • Hence, after introducing herself to the cast and crew, Victoria secured a small part in the film.
  • With no chances for performing, she supposedly made a living by filing small claims lawsuits.