Weijia Jiang

Weijia Jiang is a Chinese-American broadcast journalist and reporter. Since July 2018, she has served as CBS News’ senior White House correspondent. Jiang’s contentious news conferences with President Donald Trump attracted a lot of attention.

What is the Net Worth and Career of Weijia Jiang

Weijia Jiang is estimated to have a net worth of $2million dollars. Her job as a journalist/reporter provides her with the majority of her money.

Similarly after winning a student competition, the reporter began her career in broadcasting as a student reporter and anchor for Channel One News in Los Angeles at the age of 13. She worked as a reporter for WBOC-TV from 2006 to 2008 after completing her broadcast journalism degree, before moving on to work as a general assignment reporter for WJZ-TV in Baltimore for four years, where she won an Edward R. Murrow Award and an Associated Press Award for her feature reporting.

Weijia Jiang’s net worth is projected to be $2 million USD.
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During her three years as a general assignment reporter and fill-in anchor for WCBS-TV in New York, Jiang covered major stories such as Superstorm Sandy, the Boston Marathon bombings, and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. Moreover In 2013, WJZ-TV got a regional Emmy award for its coverage of the Newtown Tragedy, in which Jiang was part, at the 34th News & Documentary Emmy Awards.

The journalist moved to Washington, D.C., to work for CBS News’ 24-hour newsgathering program, Newspath. In 2014, she hosted the Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Gala Dinner, which had letters of support from then-President Barack Obama, Andrew Cuomo, and Bill de Blasio.

In 2018, Weijia became a White House Correspondent for CBS News, where she covered political stories such as President Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Mueller inquiry. As part of her employment, she has flown with President Trump, including on Air Force One.

President Trump’s Confrontations with Weijia Jiang

Weijia Jiang, who joined the White House Correspondents’ staff in 2018, has had multiple encounters with President Trump, most of which have been in reaction to her line of questioning. These events have gotten a lot of attention in the media around the world, and they’ve sparked debate on important issues like racism.

On June 15, 2018, Jiang asked President Trump why he believed North Korea was no longer a nuclear danger, to which Trump replied, “Quiet,” before saying to another male, “She’s so irritating.” After continuously confronting President Trump about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Jiang was instructed to “sit down” on September 26, 2018.

A “White House official referred to Coronavirus as the ‘Kung-Flu’ to my face,” Jiang alleged on March 17, 2020. President Trump referred to Jiang’s issue about Jared Kushner’s use of the word “our” to describe the federal government’s stockpile of medical supplies as a “nasty question” on April 3, 2020.

When asked why President Trump did not warn Americans about the virus sooner, Jiang was told to “just relax” and “keep your voice down” on April 19, 2020.

Jiang asked why there was such a focus on competitively comparing coronavirus research on May 11, 2020, to which President Trump replied, “Don’t bother asking me. This is a source of concern for China.” “Sir, why are you especially saying that to me?” Jiang was the one who responded. “I’m not saying that to anyone in particular,” Trump said. This is what I’m saying to someone who would ask such a question.” Shortly after this incident, Trump abruptly fled the press conference when CNN White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins was denied the opportunity to address her question.

Relationship Information for Weijia Jiang

On March 17, Weijia Jiang married Travis Luther Lowe in Palm Springs, California. The ritual, which featured a Chinese tea ceremony, was officiated by Jim Obergefell. They met in 2003 while co-hosting a weekly campus television show at the College of William & Mary, where they both attended. Moreover their daughter, Frankie Mei, was born in December 2018.

Weijia Jiang married Travis Luther Lowe on March 17 in Palm Springs, California. Source: Instagram

Moreover Travis works as the global Vice President of Public Affairs for YELP, a customer review website and smartphone application, and Ms. Jiang works as a CBS News Washington reporter covering the White House and Capitol Hill.

Personal Information about Weijia Jiang

Weijia Jiang was born in Xiamen, China, to parents Liya Wei and Huade “John” Jiang, and moved to the United States with her family when she was two years old. Her parents, who have since passed away, owned and operated Chinatown Restaurant in Buckhannon, West Virginia, where she was raised.

After his eighth-grade instructor urged him to pursue journalism, the journalist became interested in it. Jiang received a two-week internship as a student anchor and reporter in Los Angeles . After they cooperated on a homemade TV show for submission to a competition conducted by the national student broadcast Channel One. Also during his high school years, Jiang was a member of the high school video news team.

In 2005, the reporter graduated from the College of William & Mary with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a minor in chemistry. She interned at WMTV, a student-run television station, and attributes her interest to the university. In 2006, she also earned a Master’s in broadcast journalism from Syracuse University. She was welcomed into the Professional Gallery at Newhouse School in 2012.

Facts of Weijia Jiang

Full NameWeijia Jiang
Date of Birth1983/6/6
Birth CountryChina
Birth PlaceXiamen, Fujian
Father NameHuade “John” Jiang
Mother NameLiya Wei
Sexual OrientationMale

Instagram:@Weijia Jiang

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