Yanna McIntosh

Quick Facts:

Full NameYanna McIntosh
Date of Birth1970//
Birth CountryCanada
Birth PlaceJamaica
Sexual OrientationStraight

The most well-known actress Yanna McIntosh, who was born in Canada in 1970, is acting.

In Canada, Yanna McIntosh was born in 1970. Yanna has Canadian citizenship and is of white ethnicity because she was born in Canada.

Ms. Yanna is an actress best known for her role as the lab technician in The Babymaker: The Dr. Cecil Jacobson Story. She has also appeared in other films, including Good Sam, True Blue, Due South, and many others, thanks to her great career.

Where did Yanna McIntosh received her education?

Yanna McIntosh from Due South is intelligent and finished her education close to her home. She receives her diploma from the University of Toronto after completing her schooling. Yanna has earned a good certification as a result of her diligence.

She took several acting training at the American Repertory Theatre Institute at Harvard University in theatrical shows since she was interested in the performing business. She also has a good education, which is why she has previously taught at the National Theatre School in Toronto and Montreal. Yanna had significantly more career success as a result of her diligence.

What are McIntosh body dimensions?

Ms. Mcintosh appears stunning. An actress works out frequently to keep her figure in shape. Yanna’s body is in good shape and has a low body fat percentage. The height of Ms. Yanna is approximately 5 feet 7 inches and 170 centimeters. An actress who regularly exercises appears to be in good health and shape. Mcintosh maintains a good body, yet she weighs about 56 kg, or 128 lbs.

A portrait photo of Canadian television actress Yanna Mcintosh. A portrait photo of Canadian television actress Yanna Mcintosh. Source: Tell-Tale Tv

Her thin form gives the impression that she is physically healthy and fit. However, an actress can decide to keep details about her personal life secret, therefore there is no information on her body measurement on any social media platforms. In addition, her beauty draws attention from her admirers, which accounts for the daily growth in her fan base.

Who are Yanna family?

Since she was a young child, Canadian television actress Yanna has lived with her family and sibling. She was born to her mother and father, but no information about her family is shared on any social media platforms. Given what she has said, it appears that the actress keeps her parent’s details a secret.

She cared for and loved her parents and siblings from the time she was a young child till today. In interviews or on television, Yanna never gave the names of her parents. Mcintosh has shared on social media her family’s and her sibling’s personal information.

How did Yanna McIntosh began her career?

Yanna is a well-known Canadian actress who works in theater, film, and television. Yanna also managed to advance her solid reputation in the film industry. She made her acting debut as Tanya in the 1982–1983 TV series Hangin’ In. After a brief hiatus, an actor played Dr. Helen Ruth in the 1993 film Street Legal. In the same year, McIntosh made her film debut in Romeo and Juliet, as a Citizen of Verona. Yanna acted as a lab technician in The Babymaker: The Dr. Cecil Jacobson Story in 1994. She portrayed Dr. Currie in the television series Side Effects from 1995 to 1996. Yanna appeared in Due South as Candace Madison in 1997. An actor played Jenni Hernandez in the Riverdale TV Series from 1997 to 1999.

A portrait photo of Canadian television actress Yanna Mcintosh. A portrait photo of Canadian television actress Yanna Mcintosh. Source: Tell-Tale Tv

Ms. Yanna put a lot of effort into her acting profession and won an award. Yanna played Elaine in the 2000 television film Deliberate Intent. Among the roles Yanna has appeared in are those of Penny Mills in Acceptable Risk and Full Disclosure, Anna in True Blue, a state employee in John Q, Catherine in The Glow, and many others.

However, as of 2022, Ms. Yanna was portrayed by Dr. Rhonda Glass and Rhonda Glass in the television series Good Sam. We wish Yanna further success in the days to come because she has demonstrated a lot of drive and hard work in her career thus far.

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What is Yanna McIntosh Net Worth?

Acting is Yanna Mcintosh’s main source of income because she is a prominent TV and movie actor. Her acting profession has brought in a sizable sum of money for her. Finding Yanna’s monthly salary or contract with some of the production businesses is a little challenging, though.

We discovered that an actress’s career earnings range from $3 million to $5million. Yanna’s overall net worth is $2 million, as we estimated. She appears to reside with her family in a luxurious home, despite not having a high net worth.

What are honor and nomination received by Yanna McIntosh?

Yanna is a well-known Canadian television actress who rose to stardom in the entertainment industry. Mclntosh has received nominations for a number of cinematic awards thanks to her assiduous labor and prosperous career. She received her first nomination for a Screen Award in 2007 for the best actress performance in a leading role in a drama program or miniseries.

A portrait photo of actress Yanna Mcintosh at her award function. Source: Broadway World.

She has been working really hard since receiving her first nomination, and in 2016 she received another nomination for outstanding performance in a leading role dramatic program. In addition to the nomination, Yanna won the Dora Mavor Moore Award for the finest actress performance in a leading role in a drama series or miniseries. We hope she wins more accolades in the days to come.

What is Yanna relationship status?

Yanna, a Romeo and Juliet actor, has kept her intimate matters private. She hasn’t disclosed any information about her romantic relationships because her private life is so private. A celebrity has been keeping her intimate affairs far too secret. Mcintosh is a suspected Free figure who hasn’t been mentioned in any rumors up to this point. No, concerning actress Yanna, there are speculations.

It appears that Yanna could like to keep her relationship details private because she has not disclosed any information about her past or present relationships on any websites. Although she hasn’t shared any pictures or videos on open forums, she might be dating. An actress may be married or single; based on the information she has provided, we are unsure about her relationship status.

Is Yanna on social media?

Yanna uses social media in a sporadic manner. She utilized social media and handled her time well despite having a busy schedule. However, Yanna does not like to spend much time on social media, thus she has fewer followers and keeps her social media account secret.

On Instagram, Yanna currently has 63 followers, while she has 7 followers on Twitter. In the following days, she might spend more time on her social media. Keep up with her on social media to find out more about an actress. Yanna set up profiles on Instagram and Twitter under the names Yanna McIntosh and @y mmcintosh1, respectively.